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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Hayling Friendly Casual Slalom racing on Tuesday evenings

Started by Started by: Lawrence
Here is the link so you can subscribe to local friendly slalom racing. I unexpectedly joined in this evening when I went to Hayling for an after work free-sail. It was fun, it was casual (no shouting, just laughter!) no time keeping, just a consential start from the shallows - a kind of 'everyone okay & ready' nod of the head & then we all beach started & then started to get up to speed - I did not see anyone 'really' going for it, trying to get up & planing faster than everyone else - The pack (about 6 of us) stuck together until everyone was planing & then people started to show their hands.

Anyway, if any OM'ers want to sign up to their local UKWA slalom here is the link:-


Last updated: 03/08/10 22:36 By: Lawrence
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Added by rogerta on 10/08/10

Looks good - have signed up. They are racing tonight but the forecast looks a little iffy.

Added by Lawrence on 10/08/10

.....depends upon which forecast you look at ;) It looks like we may get a bit of wind tonight.

I've had the mail in the past 30 mins confirming racing is on tonight.

I'll be there.......although not sure I'll be ready to start at 5pm, I should get to the beach a little before then, but doubt I'll be rigged & ready to go.

Was out off Hayling last night & it was like an OMWC event a number of members down there.

Added by Lawrence on 10/08/10

.......it's now 3:15pm & it is a blanket of gray in Southampton & raining.....not exactly inspiring me to rush off to Hayling for a 'nice' evening sail right now.........

.......I'm sure rain wasn't on the forecast for this late afternoon/ early evening........

Added by johng on 10/08/10

Ah, go on, get out there, ya slack whinger, I'd be happy to get out for an evening sail, stuck as I am in the bunker at Euston station, with nowt but an occasional glimpse of daylight!

Added by Lawrence on 10/08/10

.......Chimet windspeed has been climbing strongly - avg now around 25knts with gusts closer to 30knts.......think I maybe doing slalom on the RRD FSW 95L ltd........not exactly your classic slalom board, but I think I'm going to be quicker on that than a wide, floaty bouncy thing in this sort of wind & wind blown chop (judging from Hayling webcam).

Added by Lawrence on 11/08/10

oh dear - don't know what happened to the racing last night, but we had a great free sail......quite glad I was not out on full-on slalom kit actually.

Added by Lawrence on 11/08/10

To JohnG - you missed a good one last night (if you have not read all the diary entries yet) - I saw Andrew, Bill & Heather, Mike, Nick & Sarah, Claire & Helen all out at Hayling on sails ranging from 4.5m-5.75m - it was not rough, just enough chop to make the ride exciting.....if you know what I mean......& to think I nearly didn't go!!!

Added by Lawrence on 11/08/10

Note to Andrew:- you really need to get the time added to the entry dates too.....

....I quote Rogers post above added yesterday 'sometime':-

" the forecast looks a little iffy " .........think that was made in the context of there NOT being enough wind for slalom .......that comment now looks a little out of place having sailed yesterday evening ;)