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Starting Windsurfing

Started by Started by: Chris1
Hi everyone,

I've decided i would like to start this sport and have been looking on the net for a used board.

I was wondering what everyone thought of this one that i found on ebay. I know its quite a small board only 112 lt's but will that really impact my ability to learn?


any reccomendations would be appreciated im looking to pick up a used kit for around the 400 mark if thats possible!



Last updated: 28/08/10 17:26 By: Chris1
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Added by jonathan on 30/08/10

Hi Chris
I would definitely say that 112l is far too small to learn, even if you are pretty light. Best place to pick up pretty cheap kit is the hayling island boot fair - the first sunday of the month although be warned that the best kit for beginners does go pretty quickly. Not sure where you are based but it is the Hayling Island National Windsurf Festival this coming weekend. You should meet quite a few club members there but also there will be quite a few brands exhibiting who will provide you with excellent advice on the best kit to start on: even if you don't buy from them.
Otherwise your nearest shop should give you good advice, even if you don't ultimately buy from them. Please don't try and learn on a 112l board though - it will be a very frustrating (and probably short-lived) experience!

Added by Chris1 on 30/08/10


Thanks for your reply yes I realised after a bit of research the 112 is a bit ambitious.
I've bought a Starboard Rio M, which is a good learning board according to the web etc.
I have also rouned up 4 old sails from my uncle they are about 7 years old but should do the trick for now I hope.
5.2M Mistral
5.1M Gastra
4.9M Mistral
4.7M Lodey

I am looking to get a second hand mast, but am a bit lost at this point what to get, any advice would be greatly appreciated



Added by jonathan on 30/08/10

The Rio should be perfect: where are you going to be sailing it? You need to try and get some time on the water now before it turns cold (a good few months before that happens though).
To be honest, your 4 sails are all very close together. For the time being I'd choose the one which is most modern and then you've got some spares. Once you've started to find your feet a bit, I suspect you will want somethign a bit bigger - say 6m - but there is plenty of decent secondhand stuff around. You'll be wanting a 430 mast for these sails. I'd go for something with some carbon in it (30%+) rather than getting a pure epoxy one. The higher the carbon % the better, but obviously this pushes up the price.

Added by Chris1 on 30/08/10


I live about 15 mins drive from hayling island near Waterlooville. So most likely around there.
I have just had jaw surgery and so cannot start going out and about till october/november but thats no big deal i hope :s

got myself a gul wetsuit 5mm and some boots so hopefully wont freeze to death

I'm still a bit new to this how does the mast work?

Ive ive got a 5.1m sail on how will i get the 430 mast to fit these sails surely it will be too small?

thanks for your help


Added by fazza on 14/09/10


I have a 160 litre longboard for sale thats ideal for beginners if you are still looking. Id be happy to part with it for 50 if your interested - though Id need you to pick up from South London.