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Bike Rack for VW T4

Started by Started by: jonathan
Just wondered whether anyone either has a bike rack for T4 transporter that I could borrow (last week of September) or can give any advice on buying one - i.e. does it have to be specific to VW or do you just need one designed for 4x4s (or similar). We've got the barn door version...

PS we are heading to the Isle of Wight for this week - any comments on sailing locations also much appreciated. We're going to be based somewhere in the SW of the Island.

Last updated: 30/08/10 14:38 By: jonathan
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Added by michaelhenryking on 30/08/10

Do you mean side opening? I have one for a lift up tailgate which I want to get rid of, but no good for side opening doors. If you have a tow hook then the ones that mount on this are probably best and any make will do, although Thule are the most stable.

Added by jonathan on 30/08/10

yes, side-opening as opposed to tailgate. Don't have a tow hook either :(

Added by Carl on 31/08/10

My old T4 one clamped onto the tailgate and was removable, but the ones I've seen on barn doors were bolted through, I think, so they probably become more of a permanent fixture. I had a Thule one (before someone drove into it) and then a Fiamma. The Fiamma was much lighter as it was made of aluminium. Mine were standard generic racks, but you bought a different fixing kit for the particular van you were attaching them to. I also looked at car and 4x4 ones too but these just tend to rely on straps to hold them on and I never found anything that would fit properly or be secure enough.

Added by mikep on 31/08/10

Personally I'd stay away from bike racks that clamp onto the rear doors. With most of them you can't open the doors with bikes on, or if you can, you are placing a lot of load onto the hinges and this will cause the door to drop in time.

A far better solution IMHO is to use a towbar mount rack - Thule do a good one, and it drops down out of the way to allow doors to be opened, even when loaded.

If you do want a tailgate door mounted solution look at Fiamma or Thule.