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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Midweek sail

Started by Started by: beth
Anyone up for a session on Tuesday or Wednesday - the forecast looks pretty good. Tuesday - Strong SW and Wed strong W.

Last updated: 13/09/10 09:15 By: beth
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Added by Lawrence on 13/09/10

When were you thinking of going out Beth? What time of day?

Added by beth on 13/09/10

Hayling on tuesday as it looks like it will get nuclear later in the day so probably around 11:00 which is mid tide as well. Wednesday probably about the same time, but Bracklesham as the wind will be westerly.

Added by Lawrence on 13/09/10

contemplating doing a half day at work tomorrow, so would be at Hayling seafront around midday at best, but have to be back home before 5pm - Nu is going out mtb'ing.

Will go & take a look at tides now - will probably see what tomorrwo late morning brings wind & rain wise.

Added by beth on 13/09/10

Midday sounds good - because it's a westerly swell, bracklesham will probably be better, but it's a pain to get to ...so probably Hayling on Tuesday so I can get some work done in the a.m.

Added by rogerta on 14/09/10

Bracklesham looks good for an afternoon sail

Added by beth on 14/09/10

I should be at Bracklesham tuesday around 1200.

Added by rogerta on 14/09/10

You mean Wednesday Beth??

Wednesday should be good as the wind is pulling around to the west - hope the swell sticks around.

Added by beth on 14/09/10

Yeah wednesday -I'm still in holiday mode and have no idea what day of the week it is. Too bad it's not still holiday. Swell is supposed to be smaller, but still there. I guess it was pretty good at Hove today from what some friends said.

Added by rogerta on 14/09/10

Swell at Bracklesham was probably half mast high out back this evening - 4.0 weather

Added by rogerta on 16/09/10

Hey Beth - are you going to post a report (where you stayed etc) and some piccies of the surfing in Bali?

Added by beth on 16/09/10

Bali was a mixed trip. Still epic waves and amazing place, but it has been so built up and is incredibly crowded. Especially the surf. We escaped to Nusa Lombongan where we caught emptier beaches and waves and had some pretty epic sessions. The photos definitely don't do the surf justice - when it was good we were surfing. I surfed like an idiot, but Michael and Becca were charging. Had great snorkeling with pipe fish, needle fish, dolphins and every other tropical fish. For Rebecca's bday we rented scooters and drove all over Nusa Lombongan - that was a special treat.

We stayed in Tuban beach, then Ulu Watu at Rocky's bungalow, then Nusa Lembongan Reef hotel, and then Rocky's again. All had great swimming pools, foood and wonderful people.

Can write a more descriptive report if you want.

Added by rogerta on 16/09/10

I'd like to see a 5000 word essay, on my desk, by 0900hrs tomorrow morning...