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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Big Friday - 1st Oct 2010

Started by Started by: mikep
Well maybe not that big, but friday is looking tasty for sure if magicseaweed is anything to go by these days. Is the wind back now? Lets hope so.

I haven't been out for ages and am gagging. Looks quite southerly so perhaps Pagham. Low tide 010:35 / High tide at 17:06.

Any one fancy it?


Last updated: 30/09/10 19:23 By: mikep
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Added by beth on 29/09/10

This next week's storm systems certainly seem to be promising a few bumps. I was thinking Pagham would be good as well - might need an umbrella as it is supposed to be pouring rain. The only prob is the wind and rain is worst at high tide, which is when you want to be at pagham.

Added by rogerta on 29/09/10

Might be able to get down in the afternoon

Added by markh on 30/09/10

Can't make it myself but don't forget Avon can also be good in a Southerly.

Added by mikep on 01/10/10

Well i couldnt make it due to work commitments. Well maybe the rain forecast had something to do with it....it certainly pissed it down in Reading all day. Did anyone get out? Mike.

Added by jonathan on 02/10/10

Ashamed to say that I was by the beach all day at Brighstone, IOW. Fantastic spot and would have loved to have sailed there. Unfortuntely on 'big friday' a) it rained all day, 8) no-one else out to show me the way c) water state was pure onshore mush d) despite the wind howling around our cottage, down by the water it was a flakey F4 and no way was I going to be able to power through the mush on my waveboard.
Certainly need a bit more local knowledge on the Island but would thoroughly recommend where we stayed (cottages and campsite) for a long weekend - especially on a decent forecast!

Added by beth on 03/10/10

I got out and it was pretty good - see diary.