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windy week

Started by Started by: beth
Anyone up to sailing this week? I'm thinking Hayling Tuesday, Kimmeridge Wednesday.

Last updated: 01/11/10 10:55 By: beth
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Added by castorway on 01/11/10

looks good for 4 days this week could well be at Hayling tomorrow after that I don't know what time are you going to be there and what times the tide?

Added by rogerta on 01/11/10

Beth - looking to get a sail this week definitely. Low tide at Kimmeridge is going to be 12:56 though, when were you thinking of going? Also its going to be very onshore isn't it or are you just going to sail the bay?

Added by castorway on 01/11/10

No real plans but low tide at Hayling lunchtime so plan to be there for 11 ish after that I dont know I've never sailed at Kimmeridge so can't offer an opinion

Added by rogerta on 02/11/10

Thursday/Friday look to be shaping up really good - SW'ly winds. This is the best forecast I've seen all year. Unfortunately its low water mid afternoon so you'll need an early start for K-Bay and Pagham especially as we are on springs currently. Almost tempting to make a trip down west if I could get the time off work. Bracklesham is great fun at low tide even though its onshore. Avon may also be OK if the swell comes through (Carl - whats Avon like on spring lows?). Hayling will be Hayling.

Added by beth on 02/11/10

I checked on Kimmeridge opening times for future reference. According to the phone number I got, access is not available on week days until December. It is also not open the weekend of the 13th. Because of tides, winddirection and possible bullets I have opted for either Bracklesham or hayling.

Added by Carl on 03/11/10

Hi Roger - Avon on spring lows is err... not at its best. It can end up too shallow over much of the sand bars so that a lot of the time you just end up sailing further out in the open sea in which case you could be anywhere. On Thursday and Friday, from a tide point of view, it will probably be better late morning and into lunch time. Maybe just take a very long lunch? The French seem to get away with it.

Added by rogerta on 03/11/10

Hi Carl - Thurs looks like there could be quite a bit of west in it (WSW), do you think that will be too offshore down there? Friday looks like there is a bit more south in it so should be better.

Added by Carl on 03/11/10

WSW is generally OK, due West is too offshore and people start to go elsewhere.

Added by rogerta on 03/11/10

I'm heading for an early session at Pagham tomorrow morning - 7am start if anyone fancies it. High tide is 9.26

Added by jonathan on 03/11/10

good luck Roger! I am going to try and take Friday off work. Anyone else around then?

Added by beth on 03/11/10

Sounds good to me.

Added by rogerta on 03/11/10

Jonathan - based on the forecast so far I'm going to sail at Bracklesham Fri afternoon if you are up for some waves.

Added by castorway on 03/11/10

I'm down to hayling tomorrow so up for Brackesham Friday

Added by rogerta on 04/11/10

Pagham was flat this morning so definitely sailing Bracklesham tomorrow afternoon.

Added by jonathan on 04/11/10

I was planning a morning session if possible - any suggestions?

Added by beth on 04/11/10

Just back from Bracklesham sailed from 1130 to 1330. Great waves - not pealing, every where, but they had a little punch to them. My sailing on the other hand left alot to be desired. I definitely paid my dues. If it's windy I'll so Bracklesham tomorrow. Steve was sailing as well as a bunch of Brackie locals.

Added by rogerta on 04/11/10

Sailed Bracklesham this afternoon - great. Will head there for another afternoon session tomorrow.

Added by rogerta on 04/11/10

Jonathan - re. tomorrow morning - WSW and high tide - probably West Witts is your best option. I would also check out Pagham as if the swell comes in it will be epic there. Avon will be a little too offshore with all the trees behind. If you are really feeling adventurous Kimmeridge will OK in the Bay. I can only do the afternoon so its Bracklesham for me.

Added by James on 04/11/10

Hi Folks - I've just recently joined OMWC. Have free afternoon tmrw - looks like Brack is the place? Is West Witt avail to all this time of year? Regards James

Added by rogerta on 04/11/10

Hi James - yes you can sail at W Witts now - as of 31st Oct. W Witts is the place to be at high tide but Bracklesham is better at low tide.

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