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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Foolish Friday

Started by Started by: beth
At least it's not Friday the 13th, but it looks pretty insane. Anyone up for 4 meters at Hayling. I thinks it'll be too big and too high tide for Bracklesham and wrong direction for Pagham so have to be hayling. But at that size it's a completely different place. Early morn sesh before tide comes in.

Last updated: 08/11/10 18:42 By: beth
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Added by rogerta on 08/11/10

Looks good Beth - good swell as well. Lets see how the forecast pans out this week. Low tide is 8.47am at Selsey, 7.42am at Christchurch on Friday. Definitely looks promising though. If Hayling is really a completely different place I'll eat my boom, mast and UJ :). Other places to consider - Boscombe Chine or Highcliffe.

Looks promising but the direction may change as the week goes on - definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Added by beth on 08/11/10

I sailed Hayling one day when it was supposed to be 5 meter swell. About 3 years ago, side shore, 4.2. Imagine rows and rows of breaking and reforming mast high waves. It was incredibly different. Haven't seen it like that in the other 9 years I've been here. Maybe it was just a dream...this is only a 4.2 meter swell forecast so it may not be quite as exciting.

Added by Genevieve on 09/11/10

Can I just check - is this due to arrive on Friday the 12th? but nothing on the 13th?

Added by rogerta on 09/11/10

Gen - there is a low pressure system moving across the north of Scotland arriving on Thursday. So Thursday and Friday are currently looking good. By Saturday its moved over Norway so there is little left here. However it could all change over the next 24-48hrs. There is definitely swell and wind out there, its just when it arrives.

Added by rogerta on 10/11/10

Tomorrow looks like its going to be nuking (http://www.wzkarten.de/pics/brack0.gif).

Friday/Saturday look uncertain currently although there could be some sizeable swell left over from tomorrow - wind could go either way as there is a smaller low forming out just behind the one thats going through Thursday (http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/dwd060.html).

Given its going to swing westerly early on from SW tomorrow, the usual suspects are out unfortunately - Pagham/Avon etc. So it looks like a morning session at Hayling - 10 till 12 to avoid most of the rain first thing and then later the high tide at 1425.

Added by beth on 10/11/10

Yeah, the forecast sure changes alot, but currently it looks like Hayling or Bracklesham early - probably Hayling if the swell is mackin. It's cool that Sat is currently looking windsy as that is the day of Bornhoft party and use of someone else's equipment. I wonder how he'd feel if I took out his Tush in a logo high wave. Sorry just had to use the pun.

Added by rogerta on 10/11/10

He's bringing down some starboard quads so will be good to see what all the fuss is about!

Added by rogerta on 11/11/10

Latest is its WSW until 1400 which is high tide down at Pagham, so I'm heading down there for mid morning. Also we are going to be limited for options tomorrow as it will be westerly in the morning, low tide, with the wind dying in the afternoon - so tomorrow will more than likely have to be Hayling - no other choice.

Added by beth on 11/11/10

Can't make it Thursday, but hopefully will get something in at Hayling early on Fri. I think it's time to break out the spartan wetsuit with woolie rashie.

Added by rogerta on 11/11/10

Where are we sailing tomorrow then Beth - Hayling or Bracks? Wind is W but its dying off as the morning progresses so needs to be early doors.

Added by rogerta on 12/11/10

Beth - Its blowing WSW although Windguru is stating W, so am going to head to Hayling for 10. Not enough time to drive anywhere else.