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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Saturday8th or Sunday 9th

Started by Started by: adrian
For once the wind and temperature is now in our favour. Anyone fancy a splash and dash this weekend to get the Xmas mass off there belly. Any where from Wittering to Poole.

Last updated: 05/01/11 20:20 By: adrian
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Added by tc on 06/01/11

I could be tempted out of winter hibernation for a sail this weekend. Tides look good for Christchurch Harbour, if you fancy some flatwater blasting.

Added by beth on 06/01/11

Looks good for getting rid of my jelly belly. I'll either do Pagham or Bracklesham or both depending on winds and tides.

Added by Jimbo_13 on 06/01/11

Hi, I was hoping to get out for a couple of hours in the morning on Saturday. I've only actually made it to an OMWC gathering once before so won't know anyone, but I'll keep an eye on the plans, happy to head down to hayling / Pagham / Bracklesham (although have only sailed at Hayling of these locations)

Added by adrian on 06/01/11

tc, was hoping to get some good wave sailing in as Matt has left me for 10 weeks and gone snowboarding in Val Thorens (lucky bastatrd), so my thoughts at the moment, is to sail Saturday at Hayling. Wind good with high tide in the middle of the day. Not sure about temperatures. Will make a decision tomorrow evening.
Beth, any reason for not mentioning hayling or is there soemthing I dont know like you are worried is going to be straight onshore?

Added by justa799 on 06/01/11

Hmm, commited to going to Camber sat, may change plans if theres a gang heading somewhere??? Also any one up for a sail or sup tomorrow friday 8th? id appreciate some suggestions on where to go tomorrow nearish to Southampton??? Ta Justin 07952510578

Added by beth on 07/01/11

I just don't like Hayling mid winter because the waves are so far out at low tide and the water is mff so if anything happens you're in dire straits. However, I have had good sessions at mid tide - high tide a wee bit gnarly. See what the wind and tide is doing.

Added by jonathan on 07/01/11

i'm going to see what tomorrow brings - looks like it will start off very wet, but then as the rain eases the wind swings more northerly. 1pm high tide means Hayling could be interesting, especially if the wind goes flunky. I may well take the easy option and go for Hillhead (which should be ok with a bit of northerly).

On a different note, I have just committed to joining Cribby in Morocco w/c 26 March - don't suppose anyone else has signed up for this?

Added by adrian on 07/01/11

My plan is now to go to Hayling (probrably sail from Inn on the beach) early Sat and sail till fed up or COLD.
Adrian 07860 710562

Added by adrian on 08/01/11

Just about to leave for hayling. I have a large white mercedes van with windsurfing and snowboarding stickers on it. Hope to see some familiar faces. Adrian 07860 710562.

Added by Genevieve on 10/01/11

Hi Adrian - Jonathon got out and it is judged as far as the diary rating of 2 goes. We had a 4 year olds birthday party...but juan was up for it. He is trying to get ready for cabo verde in Feb. but I think the only training will be in germany at the boat show, in the bar....

Added by rick on 12/01/11

It's been a great week here in cornwall for windsurfing and SUP. Nick and Justin have been down and the next few days are gonna be ace for wave sailing, IF the forecast holds: cross shore 25kts, 13ft swell and 15sec interval at Gwithian.

Added by beth on 13/01/11

If only...