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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Have you seen the weekend forecast!?

Started by Started by: Crockyt
Positivly balastic weekend ahead of us.
Nearly summer too so it ain't going to be too cold.

I'm planning a two dayer at Yaverland IOW. Don't know if anyone else if feeling up to it or is anywhere near the island!

Keep an eye out for the blue VW camper with a blue driver (cold)!!

Hope to see you there, planning to hit the water at midday!

Last updated: 12/01/11 12:08 By: Crockyt
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Added by castorway on 13/01/11

Also looking to sail at least sat. On the mainland anyone about?

Added by Jimbo_13 on 14/01/11

I'm planning on heading to Hayling

Added by roypalmer on 14/01/11

Hayling? -I'll check online tomorrow before setting off. Im not an OMWC regular but have met some of you before. I've got a Mercedes estate (yes, a car!)

Added by adrian on 14/01/11

Im planning on sailing tomorrow at Hayling (unless a crowd goes elsewhere) and will be down early.
I have a large Merc Sprinter and always park next to the Inn on the Beach (shelter)
I hope to see a few of you cold blooded surfers there......
Adrian 07860 710562

Added by castorway on 14/01/11


Im thinking of Hayling too earlyish driving from N London but hope to see you all there

Steve 07793748911

Added by ocean free on 14/01/11

Hi I will be at yaverland saturday from 12 vw LT white and grey kev ocean free

Added by beth on 15/01/11

Hayling was great both Friday and Saturday. |Maybe again tomorrow!!!