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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Winter Party a blast

Megabash 2011 - Boogyin Down
Host Host: beth
Date Date: 05/02/11
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Winter Party a blast (16)
Rating OMWC Rating: 3 star rating
Most people were able to get in a few gybes and runs in warm breezes (relative). Then off to the AGM where not a whole lot changed and everything will continue ticking over the same as last year. Possibly a new insurance provider was the only major decision and that wasn't even a commitment.

Then it was off to the bar to properly start the party. It was great seeing the whole gang there and talking about windsurfing trip plans...anyone up for Ireland in May or October. Others going to Cape Verde, Hawaii...etc.

We did miss the Brazilian crew, but they were in Brazil and the Kiwi is still a kiwi.

An excellent dinner was finished with some wonderful mousses and the dancing began. The great JohnG band played excellent renditions of many favourites - even a special song made just for us Windsurfing in the UK sung to Beach boys Surfin USA. I danced so much I ended up with blisters.

Thanks so much John and hopefully we'll see more of your top band. Can I suggest "Teenage Kicks" be added to your repertoire.

Here's to another eventful season.

Last updated: 13/02/11 19:58 By: Andrew
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Diary for rogerta at Pagham on 05/02/11

Lets hava par't'eeeeee
Rating:3 star rating
Board:80 litres

Around 20 people out at Pagham - conditions pretty good with the outer bar throwing up some rideable swell. Wind cross offshore. Could only last an hour though.

Diary for Bill at Hayling Island on 05/02/11

Bill (1)
Rating:3 star rating
Board:75 litres

First sail of the year! Sailed from Esso Beach, not as cold as expected but pretty gusty. Nice to get out again after so long.

Diary for Heather at Hayling Island on 05/02/11

Rating:3 star rating
Board:78 litres

First sail of the season. Certainly a baptism of fire but great fun. Surprisingly the lesser spotted Bill was seen on the water -very rare at this time of year. Shows that it was surprisingly mild. A very good warm up for the Club AGM and social!

Diary for adrian at Hayling Island on 05/02/11

Arenal - Javea
Force 5, JP 98, Search 5.4
Rating:3 star rating
Board:72 litres

Got down early to catch the tide coming in. Wind was stonking and I rigged my smallest sail being 4.5 but really needed a 4m. Very very gusty spending most of the time maxed out and a little on the edge when airbourne. Very choppy but not to bad on the sand bar. Eventually lost control in mid flight landing on the sail and putting a rip in the bottom panel. Now I had a 4m sail and things where a little easier but the rip was extending and had to call it a day. Did'nt see any club members but I guess eveyone was waiting for the tide to drop, or on Esso beach. Sorry could'nt make the party but sounds like fun was had by all.

See you all soon

Diary for Juanito at Hayling Island on 05/02/11

Evening sailing
That was great!
Rating:4 star rating
Board:95 litres

Chicken out of sailing at Pagham and went to Esso Beach on Hayling high tide at 12.30 got to beach to find Heather and Bill just wainting for tide to come in out on the water by 11.30 good blasting in the harbour until got bussy and headed out with John G to the to the deep stuff and winder conditions and less people great day sailing for about 2.30 hours. Nice to get back into with 12Degrees and can't wait for Cabo at 30Degrees. Thanks Gen for letting me go and enjoyed party after.

Diary for johng at Hayling Island on 05/02/11

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:3 star rating
Board:80 litres

The Party Day...

But first, an opportunity to try out the New Board! Starboard Evo 80l, just the thing for the somewhat windy conditions at Esso/Poo Bay aka Langstone Harbour. Arrived to find B&H already rigged and about to go out, gimp suits maxed, and Juanito, like the Truth, somewhere out there...

Did a few runs in the lagoon, but it was getting crowded... so headed out the back into the main harbour, and enjoyed the various zooming around, jumping and high-speed jinks. The water didn't seem too cold, and the wetsuit is still keeping the water and cold out, but my hands were very cold - a pack of frozen sausages would have been more useful, taped to the ends of my arms!

Started to get cold after 1.5 hours, the suit leakage adds up... Good session though, and quite a surprise at this point in the year!

Diary for Bernie at Hayling Island on 06/02/11

A good day in Mauritius 2007
Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

After an excellent party (thanks Beth, Gen, Andrew and JohnG), and a quiet night's sleep in the Squash Club car park, Helen and I headed down to Delia's Cafe for a full fry, and then sauntered across to ESSO Beach for about 10.30ish. Had a great hour in the lagoon, but it was very crowded, with another 25 sailors out. Pulled off a few half decent gybes, then got knackered and called it a day.

Diary for castorway at Hayling Island on 06/02/11

Camber Sands
Rating:2 star rating
Board:83 litres

3rd day out this year but calmed by a skiing pull on the back so esso beach it was generally mild and quite fun

Diary for johng at Hayling Island on 06/02/11

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:3 star rating
Board:80 litres

Another day of wind!! What's happening?! Esso Beach was busy again, and post-party, no obvious OMWCers there (castorway - what do you look like?? Me - white transporter, silver helmet). Actually, Steve Barker was there, but just coming in as I arrived - reportedly, the wind had come up, he was previously on a 5.4 and was a bit overpowered at the end of his session.

So on with the 4.0, Evo 80 and the usual wetsuity stuff. Added the magic ingredient - the palmless mitts!! These definitely made a difference, slowing the rate of cooling so my hands were good for 45 minutes. Did a really cool-feeling floaty jump, want more! Started to get tired as the hands cooled off, so rather than push it, with the previous night's entertainment and efforts on the account as well, stopped while the going was good.

Nice board!! You really should get one Bill...

Added by beth on 10/02/11

I have an evo 74 in lanz. I like it but it certainly is different sailing. Not really a proper wave board. When you go down the face it spins out a bit - but in back side or mushy conditions it certainly is a great ride.

Added by johng on 10/02/11

Hmm, backside... mushy conditions... we're talking real life here right?! Should be just fine!

Diary for mikep at Hayling Island on 06/02/11

Rating:2 star rating
Board:95 litres

Managed to drag self out of the Squash Club car park early and headed for the main beach @ Hayling. to beat the 1pm Spring High Tide. Sailed 10:30 - 11:30.

Not many folks out and no-one from OMWC. Where was everyone?

Some ramps to play on, but no waves.

Fek it was cold. Haven't sailed this temperature for sooo long.

Then round to Esso beach for a looksie and saw Bernie & Helen + John G. Couldn't be ar*ed to go out again tho. Ta for the tea Helen.


Added by Andrew on 06/02/11

Wow, what a party. Thanks John G and band. An excellent evening of live music. So good to hear so many old favourites - Lazy Sunday, Hounddog, Revolution, Radar Love, and loads more. Same again next year please.

Added by johng on 08/02/11

Well, thanks to you guys for being such a brill audience!! I only caught the half of it being around the back by the bar, but Paul and Jeff had 90 mins of full-on exposure to Bill and all the other ravers - they were quite taken aback! Excellent. Let's plan the summerbash... And thanks to everyone for the whip - the guys were truly grateful and very impressed - "wow, are all windsurfers this friendly??" "Yes, of course", I boldly replied...

Added by oddfellow on 20/02/11

nice to hear some stevie ray vaughan exc.band


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