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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Calshot summer bash 2-3 July

Calshot - scenic views
Host Host: beth
Date Date: 02/07/11
Venue Venue: Lepe & Calshot
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 3 star rating
What a lovely British summer weekend. Lots of sun, a very light breeze and children getting covered in mud. A few OMWCers came down on Friday and were allowed to camp the extra night. Rebecca had a Rounders match and a friend over so we didn't get down til mid afternoon. There was still enough water for Becca to have short windsurf session with a 3.0 and garage door board. Needed a bit more wind to counteract the current. Lucy had a fun session in which she invented a game of falling backwards to bring the sail down onto mummy's head. When she was told she couldn't do that any more she didn't want to windsurf.

Not enough wind for grups to sail really, but I had a go on the 3.0 and managed a few tacks and duck gybes - ha who needs Guy Cribb.

Somebody pulled the plug and water had disappeared, but this didn't hinder Lucy and a few others to having a go on a board they had found in the mud. It was only a slivery plank that sank into the mud, but it entertained for hours.

Dinner arrived - well planned by Nuala and we were all well fed by the time the band started playing. The band played all the oldies that are so fun to dance to late into the night. We were even gate crashed by a bunch of Chris Martin's friends. Good time.

Everyone slept well and were awakened by a stunning sunrise at 4:00 am. We had to leave for another event so I don't know how Sunday progressed. I think the RNLI entertained everyone.

Last updated: 04/07/11 13:42 By: beth
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Diary for rogerta at Lepe & Calshot on 02/07/11

Lets hava par't'eeeeee
Rating:4 star rating
Board:190 litres

Great day - thanks for all the organisation Nuala and Beth - top tunes from JohnG band - great to see everyone.

Diary for johng at Lepe & Calshot on 02/07/11

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:2 star rating
Board:116 litres

Another great summer weekend at Calshot! Arrived midday-ish, settled in by the lagoon, checked out the gig site. Rigged some fiddling about kit - largest board, midsize sail, practised things like tacks and stuff, which I actually improved at. Very relaxed all round. Had to stack the band's PA and my bass gear by the beach since otherwise no room in the van! The usual banter and messing about by assembled OMWCers in vans, kayaks, skimpy clothing, you know the form.

Around 5 the rest of the band arrived, and we set up, after getting the room adjusted and various gates and doors opened to facilitate gear ingress. The room seemed pretty boomy, so we spent a fair amount of time adjusting things. The guys were really pleased to be eating (eventually!) outside on such a nice day, with a crowd of friendly people.

The evening progressed - what a good audience! The girls danced wonderfully, but the boys hung back - what is that?? Go for it lads, it'll be too late soon enough... Or maybe they're more discerning! We played well, the sound was great, and even my cameo songs were the best I've done them. And thanks for the consideration, folks, very generous. We finally packed off the non-windsurfing band members about midnight, and the guards hadn't even locked the gate - result.

A good sleep, a leisurely breakfast, more chat with the myriad OMWCers, and it was even sunnier! I did have a short go out on the same gear, but there really wasn't any wind. Lunch - don't mind if I do... and then it was time to go home, boo, goodbye Calshot, see you again next year!

Oh, and of course, ended up buying something at the windsurfing shop, so not a cheap weekend!

Added by Andrew on 03/07/11

I thoroughly enjoyed it, a great weekend enjoying the beach, the sun and the good company. Actually managed to sail on Saturday afternoon, however that was just a low wind, non-planing trundle round the pond on a 130 board and 4.7 sail.

Thanks to Beth and Nuala for organising things. And huge thanks to John and the band for another excellent evening.

Added by jonathan on 04/07/11

I would like to add mine, Jane and Nayra's thanks. We had a great weekend. Brilliant camping spot (the best yet, although might have been a different story if it had been wet and windy) and great entertainment - thanks John. Only slight concern is Nayra's highlight was watching the morris dancing at the RNLI fair. Maybe she thought it was a cut above the OMWC dancing :)
And Nuala - thanks for making sure we all got fed on Saturday night!!

Added by Bill on 04/07/11

We had a really nice relaxing weekend even though the wind didn't play ball, however we did manage a swim and a bike ride to Lepe for breakfast! Nice to see such a good turnout and catch up with everybody. Well done Beth and Nuala for organizing everything and making sure the food materialized this year. John's band were brilliant once again with great song selection and a very polished performance. OMWC parties will never be the same without them playing!

Added by Carolyn on 05/07/11

Yes, thanks Beth and Nuala.
All our family had a great time.
Thanks too to those who provided a canoe & windsurfing equipment for the children to use and even threw in a bit of instruction!