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Old board new tricks

Started by Started by: fazza
Could anyone give me some pointers on kit? I recently bought an old 298 Fanatic Gecko as a budget way of bagging a mid size freeride. I tried it on the weekend and its great fun in strong wind though a bit wobbly on turns. Am I missing out massively by not going for a more modern freeride?

Last updated: 18/07/11 14:44 By: fazza
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Added by Lawrence on 18/07/11

I gave a 265 Gecko ultra in the garage I bought it new years and years ago. Last time I sailed it ( years ago!) I could not believe how much the kit has evolved. But at the end of the day, if you were having fun, does it really matter? Especially if you don't have anything to compare it too......my advice would be to avoid sailing a modern board, you will suddenly become dis-illusioned with what you have. Instead, enjoy you board in ignorant bliss! I mean that in the best way possible. The gecko were great boards in their day!

Added by flyingspudd on 19/07/11

Hi, I too have an old Gecko 298 in a 'nice' shade of light blue. Great for us on a budget and tight on spare time, as I can jump on it and have fun without having to think about it. As for turning I struggle too, but put that down to my lack of skill!!! I'm sure a newer type board would feel and handle differently. I suppose if I had the money I would treat myself to a nice shiney modern board, but the Gecko gets me out on the water when I can, and is a ton better than my 1st ever Wayler 'plank' I had back in the day!
Glad to hear you're getting out on the Gecko ...That's what really matters.
Might see you at Poole one day, I'll give you a race!
Cheers, Spudd

Added by fazza on 19/07/11

Cheers Guys. Will stick with red rocket for now. I'll be the one flagging behind everyone else!