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kit wanted

Started by Started by: beth
Does anyone have a 460 mast and around 7.2 sail they want to sell?

Last updated: 30/08/11 14:12 By: beth
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Added by gmjones on 30/08/11

Hi Beth, I have a 460 mast and a 7.8 tushingham lightning for sale. The 460 mast has been reinforced around the base due to a very small rigging incident (5mm hairline crack at base). It's perfectly ok & very strong repair, have used several times since, but low price to reflect this:

Yes mast 460 SDM C75% (base repaired) 45
2008/9 Tushingham 7.8 lightning 175

Some other kit for sale if you know of anyone interested:

Maui Magic Boom 25
Drake 40cm Slalom fin 45
2009 Tushingham 5.8 X-15 175
2006 JP 76L real world wave 175

I might be willing to haggle on some of the above :)

Added by beth on 30/08/11

460 sounds good as I won't use it that much, but the 7.8 is a bit big. I have a 6.7 and 8.2. I'll have to think about it. Are you coming to NWF? When and how could i get them from you.

Added by gmjones on 30/08/11

Hi, the stuff is actually for sale in a local shop at the moment, but if you wanted to pick anything up from me in Poole either this weekend or next please let me know asap and I'll remove it from sale. I can be emailed directly on kitforsale@whitleylake.co.uk