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Hayling watersport clubhouse

Started by Started by: beth
Would you use a watersport clubhouse on hayling? What would you like it to include? Would optional childcare with certified childminder be usefulf? How much would you pay. How often and what days would you use it?

Last updated: 12/09/11 13:43 By: beth
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Added by joannaosborne on 12/09/11

Hi Beth

What an exciting idea! I would be very interested, but probably more for an occasional visit. Tell me more!


(James and Alex's mum)

Added by mikep on 12/09/11

Childcare with registered minder....what a great idea. Would pay market rate for this for sure. Would use primarily on weekends. What's going through your mind with location?

Added by Gusdor on 12/09/11

Showers and an area to wash kit would be fairly excellent.

It's the sort of thing that should have been done with the inn on the beach. I've been sailing at hayling quite a few times this year but as a member of HISC i often sail there for winter comforts.

Added by CarolI on 12/09/11

Me too! Have been considering joining W Wittering in an effort to get back to regular windsurfing but Hayling would be great - showers, childminder (pre-schooler), midweek and weekends, market price. Also lessons - adult and child.

Added by jonathan on 13/09/11

That would certainly be of some interest for occassional use. However with us generally when it is definitely windy, the kid(s) would stay at home with Jane. When a bit more marginal, nice to have the family on the beach.

Added by joannaosborne on 13/09/11

By the way for London ish based parents, I have joined Datchet's sail only hire for 35 per month and on Sunday morning had a fantastic sail while Stephen and James were playing rugby and Alex was on a playdate and nobody missed me at all! Left the house at 10 and back by 12.45! It is 15 a pop if you are not a member and bring your own kit. Still cheaper than fuel and great if you are desperate for a sail but have lots of kids commitments. Still interested in Hayling as well though for day trips etc...

Added by jwithall on 13/09/11

Would definitely use, probably just at weekends, shower and place to clean down kit would be ideal. Family stays at home when windy so wouldnt use child minder.