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Panoramic view of Hayling Beach, high tide
Parking ranging by the time slot - All day 6.00, Overnight [22:00 - 08:00 ] 10.00
Toilets have a shower section,  but didn't try them. Toilets are vandal proof steel type. Drinking water.

Ferring (near Worthing)

Started by Started by: Audrey
I had my first ever sail at Ferring last weekend (on my 5m)

If you haven't been there before it is just along the coast from Worthing (heading west) between the Sea Lane and Bluebird cafes, so both refreshments and toilets nearby!

Parking is free and there is a large grassy rigging area

(One downside) - similar to Worthing there is a long stony walk back at low tide - grrr!

If you feel like a change give it a try (and let me know as I might join you!)


Last updated: 13/09/11 14:11 By: Audrey
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Added by Genevieve on 15/09/11

sounds like a good option Audrey! what pubs - would we go to the Worthing pubs?

Added by Audrey on 24/09/11

Hi Gen
It's not far from our usual Worthing spot so we could still pop to Heather's carvery!

Next time I'm down there will try and get some other recommendations from the locals!