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Gyro copter

Ocean Motion Baby

Nayra, Jane, Heath and Hocus Pocus
Date Date: 02/11/11
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Ocean Motion Baby (1)
Huge congrats to Jonathan and Jane - Heath Thomas Lovell born on 2/11/11

Last updated: 04/11/11 22:08 By: Andrew
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Added by jonathan on 04/11/11

Thanks Andrew. Picture added. Heath has a bit of a chest infection so it will be a few days before they get out of hospital, but otherwise all fine

Added by johng on 04/11/11

Congrats guys!! Looking good Jane!! Love the baby minder...

Added by adrian on 05/11/11

Congratulations to the both of you. Hope to see you all soon.

Added by rogerta on 05/11/11

Big congratulations to you both - wow isn't Nayra's dolly life like as well...

Added by nuporter on 12/11/11

Congratulations- looking forward to a cuddle (with Heath obviously!!) Nuala and boys xx

Added by garibaldi on 14/11/11

Big Congrats.
Hope you are all doing fine (especially Jane & Heath)
Gary, Carolyn & the Boys


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