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Board opinion..

Started by Started by: fazza
Ive just bought a Mistral Radar 125 on a bit of an impulse as an improver freeride board.
I realise its about 10 years old but wondered if anyone has any views on it? It looks good kit to me but would be great to have some feedback!


Last updated: 24/11/11 14:40 By: fazza
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Added by mikep on 24/11/11

No idea about this board. BUT - its old. Boards have moved on a hell of a lot in 10 years. The more modern kit is easier to learn & improve on. Also the more modern stuff planes a hell of a lot earlier which is essential when at the improved freeride stage. That said, its all about buying what you can afford and getting out there on the water - no point buying shiny new kit if you can't then afford the fuel to get to the coast. ATB, Mike.

Added by windyrich on 24/11/11

I would say at 82 that is a pretty good buy even given the age, big tech is go for more than that and the same vintage, yes not as short and stubby as a modern freeride but still probably a nice sail to put a smile on your face and that's what its all about, happy days....ps it's not ancient kit you've bought so don't worry and enjoy

Added by jcsmistral on 24/11/11

I totally agree with windyrich, its all about having fun, I have had some 'old' kit in my time and occationally, its great fun to burn off guys with up to the minute gear. Learning and improving is the best part of our sport, thank goodness I am nowhere as good as the top guys, which means I can still have fun for a long time yet. John

Added by rogerta on 25/11/11

Fazza, don't get it mate, they've got a terrible reputation, it'll kill you, they got slated in the reviews when it first came out
you say you've bought it...
Hey, its a great board, it'll give you years of enjoyment, super board...
Seriously though, 10 years is not old, yes board design has come on since then but they are still great fun to sail and at that price, whats not to like - enjoy;)