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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Boards Mag: RIP - we will miss you

Started by Started by: Lawrence
......wow things have changed in here since I last looked ;) Hi all!!

......I've just read that a large part of my life is to be no more, it has gone to meet its maker (like that other well known publication - the OMWC mag). Boards Magazine has met its end.

......They are refocusing their efforts on the online type of magazine, with a twice a year 'high quality reference magazine'.

Despite not windsurfing much this year & being pretty much out of the loop, it is still sad to see something you spent years growing up with disappear.......I'm now off for 2 mins silence......

Last updated: 25/11/11 13:11 By: Lawrence
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Added by Jude on 25/11/11

Oh no, that means Mark will be even more reluctant to throw away the boxes of back copies stashed in the loft!!

Added by Lawrence on 25/11/11

;-0 - Jude, I've probably got him beat on that one!!! I think my oldest copy is around 1983 ish.......

Added by gmjones on 25/11/11

Hi Lawrence, where did you read this?

Added by mikep on 25/11/11

Full details here: boards.mpora.com/forums/official-announcement-chan

First impressions - that sucks !

Oh well, looks like will have to subscribe to Knitting Monthly to get a mag each month. Wait a minute; doesn't Nick work for them? :)

Added by gmjones on 25/11/11

sad times...

Added by Robert W-S on 25/11/11

OMG! I bet the boards classifieds will go too! No more awe inspiring pictures of jaws. No more technique clinics or new gear reviews. Boo hoo!

Stunned silence for er 2mins here too!

Added by steve d on 26/11/11

I have just cleared out my loft ready for fitting more insulation and there at the back was a box of old Windsurf and Boards magazine going back to March 1988 !! So if you want a stack of mags to relive old times ( 1988 to 1995 ) drop me a line and they are yours. Failing that, they are destined for the tip. Speaking of old times - I stayed at the Avon beach Hotel on thursday night. It's a little bit different to the old magabash days !!