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Pimp my van

Started by Started by: jonathan
Gutted I couldn't get out this weekend, but with Jane still unable to drive the shopping wouldn't do itself etc (I suppose I should have gone for home delivery). But the other reason is I was working on the van.

Having originally decided that with the arrival of Heath, I was going to "upgrade" from a T4 to a T5, I have now decided to stick with my trusty low mileage T4 and get the body repaired. So far I have had 2 windows added and next week the bulkhead gets cut out and two seats added.

I am going to change the configuration from racking to the boards-on-their-side configuration to make it better for the rear passenger(s) - otherwise little point in having the offside window put in.

I know a few people have had this done so this is a general request for advice, things to do, things not to do etc....

Last updated: 27/11/11 21:33 By: jonathan
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Added by Shef on 27/11/11

Hey Jon, congrats to you Jane and Nayra.

Re: the van: think about making sure you have enough room for extra kit when Heath wants his own board!

Thinking of re-configuring our own T4. Best advice I can give is to think about it for a while. Wentworth conversions are a good company to use if you don't want to DIY (and not too expensive either).



Added by Jude on 28/11/11

OMG, I've missed some big news here....!!! Congratulations to you and Jane. Wow! More details please!! Bambino Harford No.2 due to make an appearance around Christmas/New Year so will have to compare notes early 2012. Love to all. Sorry, can't help on the van front ;)

Added by Andrew on 28/11/11

Just a few random comments:

- Clare and Gary/Carolyn used Wentworth Conversions. He understands the requirements and comes out with good solutions, and he's not expensive, but his workmanship isn't the best.

- A mate of Carls wrote a really good book on van conversions, very practicle and down to earth. I think you can buy it online but you need to contact Carl.

- You get more boards in the same space if they are on their side rather than racked.


Added by jonathan on 28/11/11

Thanks for the comments to date. One other thing - is it worth applying to get the registration switched from van to campervan and if so, what do I need to prove (does it need a bed)? I am not so worried about ferries or tolls but my insurance company says it will charge +250 a year after the modifications but I wonder if this would be different if I insured it as a campervan?

Added by Carl on 29/11/11

Hi Jonathan, hope Heath and the rest of the family are doing well.

The DVLA change to "motorhome" is just a box ticking excercise, you need stuff like a bed, table, storage cupboard, rear window, cooking facility, door into to the rear.

The benefits I've noticed are cheaper insurance, being able to drive faster on the dual carriageway, cheaper MOT and cheaper ferries/tolls. The only downside I've found so far is the cost of going through with it.

There's a bit more detail here:-


P.S. I wouldn't recommend using Usher's, they are staffed with unreliable surf bums that take years to actually do anything ;)

Added by jonathan on 29/11/11

Thanks Carl. I think the spec for a campervan conversion goes well beyond what I had planned :( No point getting Jane's hopes up there...
I think I will be sticking at windows and a seat - although may stretch to 'fatboy' alloys if I find some that I like.

Added by oddfellow on 01/12/11

finished pimping my new van in september.but reading this now realise ihave made no provision for boards i am not ruling out keeping them under the van DVLA change to motrcaravan has cut cost of insurance by 230 pa.! best wishes to all i have hardly been around this year ..chris m.