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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

AGM & Winterbash

The whole gang (nearly) getting closer to food & drink
Host Host: johng
Date Date: 20/01/12
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for AGM & Winterbash (4)
Rating OMWC Rating: 2 star rating
The annual AGM and Winterbash got off to a rollicking start - the pathfinder headed for the Squash Club, which may not have augured well... But Nick the friendly HISC manager sorted us out, and the only critical decision was which of the posh boardroom stylee tables to use for the AGM!

The AGM was pretty relaxed - there'll be Official Minutes along shortly, but the key points are:
- last year's minutes accepted
- the accounts look ok, we still have some cash; the membership fee was fixed at 0.00 for the 2012 season
- website going well, maybe the ads will even pay for the site this year (don't forget the occasional click-thru) (a 1000 thanks to Andrew!)
- event programme well-received, maybe try a couple of other places this year?
- Beth stood down as Events Sec, to be replaced by the ubiquitous John G
- events that require funding i.e. bashes, will continue to be self-funded, rather than draw on the reserves
- the proposed events programme was circulated, possibly adding Ferring and/or Climping, and avoid Weymouth because of the Olympics (Bramblebush or Hamworthy as equivalent harbour spots?)

The official business over, the next decision was what to get to drink, before repairing to the restaurant. Good to see so many out on a Friday night, including some recently infrequent visitors (Alison, lovely to see you) and lots of promises of more beach action this year - you know who you are! Good food, served attentively, great conversation (from back loops to the DLR at my end...) - the staff had to move us on so they could clear the table!!

Back in the bar, the merriment continued, including the most humorous moment of the evening, the presentation of the Good Skegg of the Year award to John "Mr Ubiquity" G - perhaps we need the UN Election Monitors next year! Eventually the bar staff grew tired of us and we got thrown out (or was there a lock-in?? Nobody's telling...). Let's hope the German invasion squad was fit for duty on Saturday morning - Das Boot anyone?

Last updated: 22/01/12 21:23 By: johng
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Diary for Bernie at Poole on 21/01/12

A good day in Mauritius 2007
Rating:3 star rating
Board:96 litres

After an excellent OMWC Winterbash, I went for an early sail at Poole in a gusty, but not too cold, westerly. Another 10 or so out, plus obligatory kiters. Had about an hour and a half of blatting around, a few decent chopperdy hopperdies and some half decent gyby-thingies, then off to the cafe with Helen for a latte and panini-jobby-wotsit.

The air temperature was great for the time of year and the sun came out for a bit too, but the water was a bit parky.

Diary for beth at Hayling Island on 21/01/12

Fetching water Tanzanian style!
Rating:2 star rating
Board:80 litres

Wrong size kit in incredibly gusty wind. Went very fast. Lots of people out considering it was the middle of winter. Social event really

Diary for jonathan at Hayling Island on 21/01/12

Vulcan attempt # 1
My first proper vulcan attempt...
Rating:2 star rating
Board:91 litres

Unfortunately didn't make the megabash but came down on the Saturday. Started rigging a 5.9m and then changed my mind to a 5.3m. However a couple of runs on the 5.3m and I changed down to the 4.7m. It was mega-gusty due to there being quite a bit of North in the wind direction. It did mean it was very flat by the shore but on the sandbar there was some interesting refraction of waves. Not really a classic day but at least it was warm.

Added by Andrew on 21/01/12

After a million texts, managed to miss you, sorry. We went for a walk along the beach instead (Actually, I never really intended to sail - too hungover). Looked good, but very gusty

Diary for Carl at Christchurch on 21/01/12

Carl and Heather
Rating:3 star rating
Board:98 litres

Great lunch time session in the harbour, quite a few out and surprisingly warm. Only problem was I had left it a bit late so had to come in after an hour and a half as the water had just about gone by then but good while it lasted.

Diary for Bernie at Christchurch on 22/01/12

A good day in Mauritius 2007
Rating:1 star rating
Board:135 litres

Didn't intend to sail today, but Helen was keen, especially given the warmth in the air and the sun poking through the clouds. So we headed off to Mudeford, and on arrival the wind was so gusty, one minute it was nothing, next minute, Force Blowyertitsoff.....

I rigged a 6.5m and for the first half hour it was ok, but then the gusts became more persistently consistent, and I was overpowered. By this time Helen had had enough and gave me her kit (no, not that kit, her windsurfing kit!). So off I went on a 5.25m, but by now it was 4.5m weather and I was totally overpowered again, so I gave it a few more hang-on-like-a-f**king-gorilla blasts, then called it a day and went for a latte at Avon Beach cafe.

Not the best of day's windsurfing, but still a nice day by the seaside.

Diary for johng at Hayling Island on 22/01/12

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:3 star rating
Board:102 litres

After feeling a bit delicate (er, possibly just wussy) after the Megabash, I determined to make the most of the day's wind. Headed off early (for me!) to Hayling, arrived at the IotB to find Adrian and son on the case already. However, it looked like the wind (W pretty much) had dropped at that point, so I rigged a 5.5 and went with the larger board as a safety precaution.

Now, I'm not noted as a fan of Hayling at high tide, but today there was little shorebreak by the TIotB, the only problem was the relatively light wind to get away, possibly because of the wind shadow. Anyway, it picked up further out, and again, I was surprised by the waves up on the sandbar. Weird random peaks, but if you were careful, it was possible to go from lump to lump, and I even got a couple of DTL rides, which was fun.

Wind got stronger, and the 5.5/102 combo was getting a bit frisky... After about an hour, I came back to the beach, to reconsider my options, and given I had to get back home for a lunch engagement, and that it's good to stop when you're winning, packed up, amazingly about the same time as the Adrian Duracell bunny... He of course had gone from a 6.2 (!) to a 5.0, probably quite wisely!

Diary for Melon at Christchurch on 22/01/12

Ras Sudr
Rating:2 star rating
Board:108 litres

First sail of the year; braved the cold, with the help of some marigold gloves, but the gusty wind was horrible. Packed in early and went for coffee with hubby (Bernie)

Diary for adrian at Hayling Island on 22/01/12

Arenal - Javea
Force 5, JP 98, Search 5.4
Rating:3 star rating
Board:72 litres

Got down early for High tide. Great wind and waves and mild weather. Rigged small but whilst talking with John the wind dropped slightly so rigged 6.2 on JP98. Good waves on the sand bar but after 1 hour the wind came right up. Thankfully left the small kit still rigged so a quick swap and back to the sand bar.


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