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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

AGM Minutes

Host Host: Genevieve
Date Date: 20/01/12
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
1.All were asked to consider whether there were any issues with the minutes from the 2011 AGM. No issues were presented.

2.The Treasurers report was handed around by Nuala. The club, by remaining frugal, would continue with current funds for about 6 years without charging for membership or fundraising. The first item discussed was the paypal fee. It was agreed that this was a practicality and should be kept for the party administration but with a small amount added into the price to cover the paypay fee (for example a 50p administrative charge). All parties would continue to be self-funding. A second item raised was that fundraising activities could be perhaps part of the Summerbash.

3.Andrew discussed the web report. Of particular note was the Adsense earnings which are starting to come in with a payment occurring to the club in April 2011 when the 60 threshold was reached for the first time, and then again in December 2011. This indicated a large increase in the rate at which it was accumulating. The ads are now an earner which could rise to a level that might sustain the club in the future if the rate of increase continued. Items raised were that Andrew has yet to transfer the 62.10 to Nuala from the April Adsense income. Another item was that the search engines and monitor bots give a background noise level to the viewing stats but that the April to October higher levels are a consistent pattern. In all years September was the peak month! An item raised was that we could try to be even more attractive and successful with the search engines and to other windsurfers. Suggestions were similar to previous years with a static Facebook page with a redirect to the website and limited to a 'like' with membership via the club site and more weather links. Everyone agreed that this had both minuses as well as some potential pluses with regard to directing traffic to the site. It would be carried forward with some investigation by Alison Miller offered and to be passed to Andrew for further consideration but at the moment no Facebook to be implemented.

4.For events, Beth had been unable to attend and a discussion of the year's events was held, and of the forthcoming events. The summer Megabash was a common favourite and everyone agreed that this should occur again at Calshot and with a childrens dvd session and entertainment from the John Gouk band. Mike T presented a draft of the events diary plan and noted that this had been particularly difficult with regard to weekend tides this year and optimising the weekend sailing with the ideal tide for the location. Further discussion was held on issues that might arise due to the Olympics at Weymouth and whether we should avoid Weymouth even in the build-up. This would be investigated and might need to occur.

5.On the fee for the club, all agreed that it would be prudent to maintain the fee at zero for the forthcoming year.

6.For posts, John Gouk was put forward to take on the events as Beth was unable to maintain this post given her current level of home and work commitments and this was supported. For all other posts: it was asked if anyone was offering to take on these but in the end all were maintained.

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Added by Duncan on 26/01/12

Sorry I couldn't get to the AGM. I don't get to OMWC events much but appreciate the work that goes on so I can dip in occasionally.

Added by steve d on 26/01/12

Hi All. I echo Duncan's sentiments. I haven't been to an OMWC event in some time but always enjoy reading about what other sailors have been up to. So a big thank you to the band of stalwarts ( you know who you are ! ) who do such a great job of keeping the club going. Regards to all and hope to see you down the beach in 2012.

Added by Jude on 31/01/12

Likewise, we haven't been able to attend many events over the last couple of years, and given the recent arrival of Jemima (born on Jan 7th) the opportunity to windsurf this year will probably be limited, but it's good to keep in touch and hopefully we'll at least be able to make it to the summerbash. ;) Thanks to everyone who is keeping the club going.

Added by ocean free on 01/02/12

Hi every one , I was upset i was ill for winterbash, so near but so far, it looked like you had a good time.this being my 2nd year with you all, iam set to do more with you this year, already set for Cornwall and Bigbury. take care , Kev