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Camper Van roofracks/rails

Started by Started by: Kev_F

We are probably going to say goodbye to the caravan and buy a Fiat Ducato based panel van conversion this year, possibly an Adria Twin or Trigano Tribute.

Does anyone have any thoughts about putting a roofrack onto a high top van ? I am working on the assumption that the high top van conversion will be the same as the high top van used by builders etc. and so a commercial system will fit.

Any ideas appreciated.



Last updated: 16/04/12 16:52 By: Kev_F
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Added by Juanito on 16/04/12

Hi Kevin i have just put some on my van last year it vw high top just look on line mine are the rino ones have been very good just hard to get up there, if you go the the web a look a rino a thinks it gives the option of van tipe and model


Added by michaelhenryking on 16/04/12

Hi Kevin
In theory, yes a standard commercial roof rack will fit. However, there are things to look at:
Is it is a high top van base vehicle or an added GRP roof, if the latter then mounting points will need adding, usually quite easy.
Some makes of van, Renault Master for instance, you need to access the inside of the roof to mount the fixings, which can be difficult when there are cupboards etc. on the inside. The converters generally don't take into account where the roof rack fittings are and put roof vents etc. in just the wrong places! If the van has a fitted awning, then again this can get in the way. None of this is insuperable, but it is important to be aware of before ordering the roof rack or you end up with some expensive unusable fittings sitting in your garage! I have!!!

All the best


Added by Carl on 16/04/12

Hi Kevin, we also looked at the Adria Twin and the Trigano Tribute and either should make a fantastic windsurf wagon. We ordered the base vehicle instead and went for a custom, but either of these were our top choices if we hadn't ended up down that route. The roof is metal, pretty solid and also fairly flat (was up on mine a few days ago checking some seals). There are some anchor points where roof rails would go, but I'm not really sure if they just attach externally (never looked into it as mine is too covered in rooflights and solar panels). I would have to agree with what Mike says, check carefully what might be in the way of your intended rack. From memory the Adria Twin and Trigano's we looked around all had quite big heki rooflights and I've also put a couple of these on the roof of mine, they are great for extra light but they do add quite a bit of height, so you need to check your rack will be high enough to clear them and also that there's nothing else in the way.

Good luck and happy van hunting!

Added by Andrew on 16/04/12

A seal

Carl - you were up on the roof checking some seals ?

Added by garibaldi on 17/04/12

or it could have been dolphins??but then again, maybe he was Whale watching !

Added by Carl on 17/04/12

No, not whales, the roof's not that big, its enough to keep the smaller pets on though.

Added by Kev_F on 17/04/12

Thanks - for the help.

I think a trip to the dealers with a step ladder will be necessary this weekend.

I was thinking of the rhinos but now I'm not sure there'll be room for them and the seals, whales and small pets.