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Where to?

Started by Started by: castorway
I have to be in the Worthing area this weekend so where do I sail given NE winds?

Thanks Steve

Last updated: 03/05/12 23:35 By: castorway
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Added by Carl on 04/05/12

You could maybe try Pagham if heading West or Pevensey if going East. If the wind goes too much to the North neither will probably work and your only option then would most probably be North Kent coast. I'm busy tomorrow and that's the windy day this weekend by the look of it so I doubt I'll get out myself :(. Could be a Southwesterly coming through in a week or so though :), have a good one wherever you end up!

Added by garibaldi on 04/05/12

As Roger Shiner used to say......
"Should've gone to Minster"

Apologies for the above comment, some of us 'older' members will remember him. He was the 'Man who could only duck gybe' !

Added by jonathan on 04/05/12

.. and only used to sail at Minster