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J Bars for High top Transit

Started by Started by: garibaldi

We have a surfboard which needs to be carried on the side of our van roof on J bars.
The van cannot take a roof rack.
In the dim & distant, it was quite popular for vannies to carry boards this way but having searched the internerd, we can't source any anywhere.
Anyone out there know of where we can purchase some ?

thanks all

Last updated: 08/05/12 13:50 By: garibaldi
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Added by Geraint on 08/05/12

Hi there,
I had some J bars fitted to my hi top VW transporter by a van conversion firm down in Battle (I think it was). This is going back to 1999 so forgive me if I can't remember the company. It did take a while to find somewhere that would do it, but they served me very well until I sold the van last year.

Added by Juanito on 08/05/12

have you looked at kayak carier (Kari-teck web side) have a lot of C Brakets

Added by michaelhenryking on 08/05/12

Yes, Kayak carriers are what you need to google!

Added by Juanito on 09/05/12

http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=167247 have a look Gary

Added by garibaldi on 09/05/12

thanks all