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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Ferring 12-13 May

Host Host: Audrey
Date Date: 12/05/12
Venue Venue: Worthing
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
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Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating
What a glorious weekend - the first time we've seen the sun for a very long time. There was only a light wind on Saturday so Heather, Bill, Kev and I chilled out with a bike ride along to Shoreham, sustained by several ice creams! A sea breeze did kick in later on just as we were heading back (typical!) which demanded a bit more leg power.

Saturday night was spent at the Henty Arms - cosy, friendly pub in Ferring, which does lovely food and good beer at very reasonable prices.

The weather on Sunday lived up to the forecast - sunny and SW wind increasing during day. Andrew joined us during the morning and as Ferring is similar to Worthing we watched the tide slowly come in, until it was time to get rigging. 6.5m (ish) was the order of the day, except for Bill (8.5m) who gave his 6.5m to Heather as hers was out of action - what a gentleman!

It was lovely to be back on the water again - first time this year for all of us and a perfect way to start the season.

If you haven't been to Ferring before I suggest you try it - there's a lovely grassy rigging area, toilets nearby and a cafe about 10 minutes away in each direction along the coast. Just remember to check the tide tables before you head off as you really only want to sail about 3 hours either side of high tide and the jury is still out on whether you can sail at high tide itself.

Last updated: 14/05/12 20:45 By: Andrew
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Added by Mark on 13/05/12

Went to worthing by mistake on the Sunday afternoon, should I read the directions properly :) Nice sail in the afternoon.

Diary for Andrew at Worthing on 13/05/12

Andrew pondering life.
Andrew pondering life, from the top of Las Dunas, in Tarifa.
Rating:3 star rating
Board:130 litres

First time out this year, and a perfect start to the season. Arrived at the beach expecting to sit around until 5pm, but there was a bit of wind and Heather was keen to get out, which encouraged the rest of us.

6.6 was just right and the new board worked extremely well (JP Xcite ride 130)

Added by Heather on 13/05/12

Think you need to change the date - isn't it the 13th today? Good to see you.

Added by Andrew on 13/05/12

Thanks, changed (brain full of salt water)

Diary for Heather at Worthing on 13/05/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:138 litres

Actually sailed at Ferring but couldn't find a Ferring button - will change if one is added. Have finally made it on to the water - Blue skies, enough wind - what could go wrong? First sail I rigged fell apart before I got on the water - oops- but that was the only bad part of the day! Luckily Bill had the same size sail so lent me his and I was away. Probably could have done with my smaller board but was having so much fun I couldn't be bothered to get off the water to change. All of us that went out had a great time - came off aching but happy.

Diary for Juanito at Hayling Island on 13/05/12

Evening sailing
That was great!
Rating:4 star rating
Board:116 litres

Just what the doctor ordered nice sunny south to southwest wind F5 nicely powered up was great to get down to Hayling and only 5 people out?? Then Steve G turn up and we both went sailing together with long runs past the fun fair and on and on and on, not as much as Steve he went to east Hayling what a run back loved it. Thanks Gen for letting me go your turn tonight still looks wind. Nice cup of tea in Steve surf wagon.

Diary for Bill at Worthing on 13/05/12

Bill (1)
Rating:4 star rating
Board:135 litres

First sail of the year at last, it's been a long wait! Ferring was a great alternative to Worthing with a nice grass rigging area, pity not to have Heather's mum's beach hut though. Sunday was perfect first sail weather with sun and a nice south westerly. Everyone was rigging 6.5s, but due to some extra winter poundage that didn't seem quite enough, so 8.5 it was. Unfortunately when I finally got to the water and raised the rig the third panel down split in half. Seemed to work ok so had a really nice sail in classic Worthing style conditions, must look out the duct tape though.

Added by ocean free on 16/05/12

Hi iam late doing this, good weekend bike ride saturday, nice meal saturday night, thanks to Jean Heathers mum for putting me up, 1 st class bed and breakfast sailing sunday , good company kev


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