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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Anyone sailing Hayling Sat 16th June????

Started by Started by: mikep
Not sure if will make it to Shoreham. Who's out at Hayling tomorrow Sat 16th June ?


Last updated: 15/06/12 18:43 By: mikep
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Added by rogerta on 15/06/12

Bracklesham for mid tide later in the morning or Avon for an early high tide session - not decided yet

Added by Yannis on 15/06/12

We are heading down to Hayling for an afternoon sail. Probably getting there at 3ish.

Added by Yannis on 15/06/12

Anyone with kids around?

Added by johng on 15/06/12

I could well be at Hayling tomorrow - will you be there Mike? It'd be 11 or later probably.

Added by HG on 15/06/12

Hi Mike,
I heard about OMWC through chatting to Nigel Spry when I was windsurfing at Datchet last year. I'm going to Hayling and will be out at the esso garage about 8.30 in the morning. (I'm doing a clinic with Danielle and Phil, www.getwindsurfing.com) If I'm not worn out by the afternoon I might go off the front. It would nice to meet some of you OMWC windurfers!

Added by beth on 15/06/12

I'll be sailing in the afternoon sometime - have a little girl of 7 who would probably like to play with someone

Added by jonathan on 16/06/12

i am planning on coming down although probably without the family in tow