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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Shoreham 16-17 June

Yannis on Hayling island
Host Host: Audrey
Date Date: 16/06/12
Venue Venue: Shoreham
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Shoreham 16-17 June (1)
Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating

Last updated: 17/06/12 09:08 By: Andrew
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Diary for johng at Hayling Island on 16/06/12

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:4 star rating
Board:80 litres

Wow!! Tempted by the promise of wind AND sun, and limited for time, headed for Hayling. Bumped into Dave S, who was thinking a 4.2 would be about right. Fortunately I don't have one of those, because my 4.0 was far too much! Frankly, the 80l Evo was too much as well, but how often are you going to use a 69l??

The sun was lovely, did some ok jumps, but the piece of resistance was the off-the-lip aerial (I'm claiming) - caught a good long wave off the sandbar, did a few turns on it downwind (hairy!!), then spotted an opportunity and cut back to jump off the wave and out the back! My first, yay! Spent the rest of the time trying to repeat it but never got back into the right place, especially as the tide was going out and conditions were changing - less after, more wind! It got completely mental sometimes.

Retired happy for lunch, meeting up with Jon, Beth, B & H, even had a nice sleep in the sun. Great day, thanks guys :)

Diary for Heather at Hayling Island on 16/06/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:74 litres

Wow. There's not many times you hear people saying they wish there was slightly less wind but it was the case today. I was over powered but hung on as 4.0 is my smallest sail. Not sure I'd say I was sailing - surviving would probably be a better description. Glad I went out though.

Diary for rogerta at The Witterings and Bracklesham on 16/06/12

Lets hava par't'eeeeee
Rating:3 star rating
Board:80 litres

Arrived at Bracklesham at lunchtime to find no-one out as it was high tide and completely onshore. Visited the surf shop to talk surfboards and then returned back to the beach and went out. It was challenging going given it was directly onshore with some fairly meaty white water around and the wind was very light on the inside. Once out back it was pretty mental but provided some great backside riding. Another great sail in the sunshine. Hope everyone else managed to grab some of this - excellent day.

Diary for jonathan at Hayling Island on 16/06/12

Vulcan attempt # 1
My first proper vulcan attempt...
Rating:5 star rating
Board:74 litres

Hayling Island did a very good impression of Pozo today: steep ramps and plenty of wind. All the no-wind hours building my patio single-handed were put to good use - the heavy work must have built up my arm muscles as I managed to hang onto my 4.2m for 4+ hours. That said, at times I was totally overpowered - but overall it was a good choice (I don't have anything smaller so "choice" is not entirely accurate).
The best ramps were straight off the beach so it was a good job you could get planing straight out of the shallows. I definitely got my highest jumps of my windsurfing career today.
Good to see John, Dave, Sheena (and family) and Steve.
Really didn't want to call it a day but my arms gave out just before the rain came in - which was perfect timing.

Diary for Yannis at Hayling Island on 16/06/12

Yannis on Hayling island
Rating:2 star rating
Board:87 litres

Today the conditions were not conducive to good sailing, and I don't mean the 30mph+ winds.

First, I got there late so I missed the sun and the tide had just started to come in (bad idea no 1). Then I brought the family with me (bad idea no 2) who spent the whole time in the car discussing what a selfish ass I am. Finally, I ignored the warning of a kind man that his 4.7 was way too big (bad idea no 3).

So I rigged my 4.7 and just about managed to hang on for dear life for an hour. And what an hour that was! I managed to pull every trick on the wave sailing book: spin outs, wipe outs, catapults, kit chasing and the old rib crushing. Had I gotten there earlier I would have downsized to a 4.0, but by the end it was too late.

And sadly, I didn't get to see anyone from the club. It was too busy to recognise anyone, but you were probably gone by the time I got there, at 3:30.

Diary for flyingspudd at Poole on 16/06/12

Mast Cam WA
Mast cam pic from WA
Rating:4 star rating
Board:125 litres

Had a couple of hours of windy madness down at Sandbanks Saturday, which is the 2nd Saturday in a row for me.
A strong S/W wind, really gusty at times. Lots a people on the water, good to see so many others out Windsurfing.
Needed to get in the straps quick to have any chance of staying on!

Great stuff... may the good old British 'summer time' continue!

Diary for Genevieve at Shoreham on 16/06/12

my favourite board at the time
flash that logo
Rating:4 star rating
Board:74 litres

This would have been rated a best ever for Shoreham, except for the mast which snapped suddenly at the outside gybe mark....Big, Big, Big Eternal Gratitude and Thanks to the kind gents who helped me, local Phil who made sure I got back to shore as it was looking a bit iffy and it meant I didn't have to ditch any gear to ensure arrival on the beach rather than a long offshore visit to Neptune, and Ollie who helped me trudge back the mile back to the launch spot with my broken, flapping rig and board.

It was a good idea to watch the tide go down a bit and enjoy the fun of watching the AB lemmings, doing some sailing course and throwing themselves at the mercy of the shorebreak - it is merciless!!!! Think Brighton PWA and that Hayling wind festival shore dump, making minnows of the brightest and best

Mistakenly rigged 4.4 held it up on the beach, or rather failed to hold it up on the beach, and went straight back for 3.7 and really selfishly wished I had made space for my 69L in the van rather than 3 bikes...

Lots of wavy stuff and lots of high grade sailors out there riding it. I tried a few high jumps and backie and a few rides with nice turns down and around but ended up a long way down wind from these and I promise myself to put a bigger fin in that middle slot to help this struggle upwind.

It was noticably OMWC Ladies day at Shoreham- and it was great to sail with Emma, and Audrey, and I think if Carol had stayed until low tide she might have gone out on a smaller sail - so next time Carol!!!

Shoreham is awesome!

This windy, sunny and dry weather, *none too warm, but who cares, made an excellent fathers day weekend surprise and shows that the best things in life are not things.... Sunday looks promising too.

Diary for Jackie at Christchurch on 16/06/12

After today, I can die happy
Rating:4 star rating
Board:80 litres

Another day battling the elements. 28kts or Force 7 convinces me that the 4.0 Ezzy really was a case of need not want! If I hadn't bought it, I WOULD have gone out on my 4.5 and had an absolutely torrid time amid reports of people maxed out on 3.8s!

It was horrendously choppy and gusty in the harbour and I was on the edge of control the whole time, but the Ezzy was very well mannered and not at all twitchy - and I even managed to sail back downwind... And the sun was shining!

Got sandblasted watching all the brilliant sailors off Avon Beach pulling loops and who says that windsurfing is not a spectator sport? (ISAF do - one of the reasons they give for putting kitesurfing in the Olympics.) Well - tell that to all the people in the cafe or those who stopped their walks and were captivated by the spectacle of all the jumps and loops going down at Avon!

Diary for Juanito at Shoreham on 16/06/12

Evening sailing
That was great!
Rating:5 star rating
Board:87 litres

What a fathers day gift nicely powered up with 4.4 with 3-5 foot waves xon pectect for bigest jumps this year one after another with a couple of back loop attempts with bail out going to high and few donkey kicks great be on Naish wave board love it can't wait for next Shoreham great to sail with Expert to see how it done Baker brother. Thanks Aurdrey next time the same please.

Diary for beth at Shoreham on 16/06/12

Fetching water Tanzanian style!
Rating:2 star rating
Board:69 litres

Pretty overpowered on my 3.7...which means basically survival sailing. Lots of jumpink - actually couldn't keep board on the water but wave riding was pretty limited. Good to see Steve, Heather, John, Bill. Sadly I'll be missing this weekend due to school summer fete, work, etc...It is howling outside right now along with a few showers. I think Friday should be good though high tide most of the day.

Added by Genevieve on 17/06/12

Reading the fathers day issue of Windsurf, and matt pritchard dismayed at how few sailors out at Kanaha ...well Matt, better get your cute ass over here as they are all out at the south coast of Britain . shoreham, hayling, avon beach ALL Packed yesterday!!!

Diary for Heather at Hayling Island on 17/06/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:138 litres

What a difference a day makes! Really nice easy sailing in the sunshine.

Diary for Jackie at Christchurch on 17/06/12

After today, I can die happy
Rating:4 star rating
Board:120 litres

What an absolute joy to be out on the water in the sun, cruising easily with no sense of impending doom hanging over every second. Dry tacks, dry gybes, getting back downwind without thinking "I am about to die..."

Gave Sarah and Bob their first windsurfing lesson. 'The B****** Lamberts don't seem to have put them off windsurfing. They did brilliantly well, with Bob even pulling off a tack on video.

"Pass the vine leaves..." was, however, the most unlikely post-windsurf picnic comment ever and ranks for incongruity with "We will have to move the harpsichord to do pilates!"


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