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Airline travel with Windsurfing kit

Started by Started by: flyingspudd
Hi Guys

I'm planning to fly over to Perth, next February, and meet up with my Brother for a few weeks Windsurfing enjoying the Sea, Sun and the 'Fremantle Doctor'*.

My Brother now lives over in Australia and has advised me to take my own kit as renting kit isn't a very good option.

Does anyone have any advice/experience/tips regarding taking kit on Airlines?

Any comments would be very useful.



*The Fremantle Doctor, the Freo Doctor, or simply The Doctor, is the Western Australian vernacular term for the cooling afternoon sea breeze which occurs during summer months in south west coastal areas of Western Australia.

Last updated: 23/06/12 08:29 By: flyingspudd
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Added by Mark on 23/06/12

Don't Fly BA (can't bring kit) Don't Fly Qantas (might end up on BA flight, so no Kit)

Virgin Is easily the best option (make sure its via Hong Kong, i.e. not a code share), but you have to go via Sydney, and take a domestic flight, over to Perth.

I take two boards and four sails that way, plus hand luggage for nothing!

Next best would be emirates if you can get all you gear under 30kg, (assuming your traveling on you own), or if your bringing your significant other and you convince them to bring just their carry on your sorted with 60kg...

I go to Aus with my gear quite regularly...

Easily doable just got do you homework before you book your ticket!