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For Sale - Mistral Shift 8'2 Wave Board

Mistral Shift 8'2 for sale
Mistral Shift 8'2 for sale.
Started by Started by: helenmacdiva
Bought in about 2002 or 2003, hardly used - I had it for a few weeks and then won a JP wave board in a raffle! Lucky me!
Been meaning to sell this for ages but never got round to it.

Was about 500 when new, I have no idea what to charge for it now. It is in really quite good condition with one little nose repair and a few superficial scratches on the bottom from being moved on the beach, but has no fin I'm afraid. I lent that to a member of the club some years ago and then lost touch with him so I don't have that any more.

It has a US box fin fitting. The board is 248cm long, 56.4cm wide, 90 litres. It is quite forgiving to sail - I found it quite easy to sail as a first wave board.

I'll be happy to accept a reasonable offer if anyone wants it. If I don't get any offers through OMWC I'll see what it fetches on Ebay!

I'm in Southsea, so if anyone wants to try before they buy they are welcome!

Apologies for this repeated post, I didn't quite get how to use the software the first time!


Last updated: 30/06/12 09:38 By: helenmacdiva
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