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Panoramic view of Hayling Beach, high tide
Parking ranging by the time slot - All day 6.00, Overnight [22:00 - 08:00 ] 10.00
Toilets have a shower section,  but didn't try them. Toilets are vandal proof steel type. Drinking water.

Amazing shot of JP @ Jaws

Jason Polokow @ Jaws (by Jimmie Hepp)
JP @ Jaws by Jimmie Hepp.
Started by Started by: mikep
Web linkWeb:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=392470107457326&set=a.101325186571821.3055.100000830216933&t
For those of you on Facebook, check out this shot. Awesome action on Jaws in Jan 2012 from JP. Its got to be one of the best windsurfing shots I have ever seen.

Shot taken by Jimmie Hepp, who seems to spend his time taking action shots on Maui and makes a few quid from selling them. He posts most of his shots on FB.

Worth subscribing to Jimmie Hepp on FB for sure.

Last updated: 28/07/12 12:49 By: mikep
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