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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2 large modern beginner boards for sale

Started by Started by: emma
I have 2 Naish Kahlua 230 litre, 1 metre boards for sale. In good condition and perfect working order. Soft deck and super stable with a smallish thick fin. 300 each.

Please email me at ray_emma@yahoo.co.uk

Last updated: 02/08/12 09:01 By: emma
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Added by Yannis on 02/08/12

Hey Emma, very tempting, but unfortunately I am looking for something half that price.

Added by beth on 08/08/12

Do they have a dagger board and deckplate?


Added by emma on 08/08/12

They do. They have a deckplate and then a separate pin that slots in. They have fattish fins that are quite short and great for shallow water. Have daggerboards also. They are in excellent working order but donhave wear and tear on the edges but no damage to the deck. I have a couple of people interested now so let me know beth x

Added by beth on 12/08/12

I thought I posted a reply asking for the boards, but it obviously didn't go through. I would definitely like one of the boards.

Added by emma on 13/08/12

Sorry Beth but one is gone and the other is being collected on 20 August. Should it fall through you are first in line!

Added by emma on 29/08/12

BETH - my buyer dropped out, would you like to buy my board still? Please call or text me on 07742326448, thanks, Emma