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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

New here, new to windsurfing looking for a mast/boom and some bits.

Started by Started by: Stokes
Windsurfing... For years I've wanted to be able to windsurf. It's one of those things I've never achieved. I have sailed dinghys and keelboats from the age of 5, kited for about 7 years and watched you all windsurfing wishing I could do the same. I've had a number attempts using people's gear but only for half an hour or so....

Well last week I took a lesson at Calshot and fell in love! One of the main issues I found obstructed me in the past was bouyancy, being 18 odd stone boards always seemed to sink away :(

So I have got myself a starboard start, 200 odd litres that could float just about anything. I've got myself a 6m sail and some other bits....

But I'm missing some other bits.... Boom (185-191), 400cm mast and a mast extension.

I popped down to my local store (Andy Biggs) and he wanted 350 for the above.., a little more than I wanted to spend straight away. So if anyone knows of any second hand gear shops/ placesor have any for sale I would be grateful. I'm watching some bits on eBay as well.

I will mainly be sailing at stokes bay as the kit will live under my boat down st the sailing club but I hope to venture further afield :)

Last updated: 16/08/12 00:31 By: Stokes
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Added by Yannis on 16/08/12

I get used gear from Ebay, Boardwise and Windsurfer.co.uk

Added by Jackie on 16/08/12

CONGRATULATIONS at getting your windy wings! I am sorry that I can't help with the kit, but hopefully someone has some bits lurking at the back of a garage somewhere and can help you get on the water.
I sail mostly around the Poole / Christchurch area, which I can recommend as excellent places to find your feet on a windsurfer. Poole and Christchurch harbours are both beautiful locations, but the best of it is that they are SHALLOW! If you fall in, you are not out of your depth, so it saves a lot of energy when you are learning. They are also very safe, because as a last resort, you can always walk back in! Poole is sailable at more or less any state of tide (low tide just means a longer walk to the water!) Christchurch needs a high tide (check the tide tables for 'Christchurch Quay' and if it is above 1m, usually, Bob's your uncle!) Christchurch has a fabulous grass rigging area and a pub with excellent beer and food right there on the quay! 'The Sandacres' pub at Poole has a seating area inside which people have to vacate if anyone turns up in a wetsuit. Quality!
Both harbours work in most wind directions, although some directions (northerlies!) are sheltered a bit by the land. On summer weekends, it is prudent to get there before about 10.30am to guarrantee ease of parking. And if you're down there, let me know. If I can't join you for a sail, I can recommend some top spots for brekkie!
Those are my top tips for today.
Welcome to the cruise and ENJOY!

Added by Stokes on 23/08/12

Thanks guys. I've been heading down to my parents house mainly to borrow some gear off m younger brother, his face when I fall into his new shiny carbon kit (that's another story)

My parents live in keyhaven And I've been windsurfing down behind the spit, at low tide is shallowand in anything but a sw it's pretty constant wind and not to gusty. Bought a sail to fit my mast, but am still looking for a boom. Watching a few on eBay so will see.

Anyone local to gosport that sails at stokes or hilliest regularly?

Added by jonathan on 23/08/12

I am based in Basingstoke but generally sail Hillhead or Hayling. As it happens I have a boom that I was about to ditch. It is a little wobbly so was not going to ebay it or anything but I think it is secure - you are welcome to it if we can arrange a meet.