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Windsurfers in London

Started by Started by: Angus

I have just joined the group as currently I am living in London which is as we all know, not an ideal location for windsurfing. I was just wondering if any of you guys travel regularly from London to the coast and would maybe like some company/someone to share fuel costs.

I am an advanced windsurfer interested in mainly freestyle but would like to get into wave sailing. I have moved from Plymouth this summer and ever since sailing in Vass in the summer i haven't been out once.

Just wondering if this applies to anyone



(The New Guy)

Last updated: 21/11/12 17:09 By: Angus
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Added by emma on 21/11/12

Hi Angus,

Where abouts in london? I'm in essex (southend on sea).

This may be another option for you as i know the local spots and sailors. I join the ocean motion guys as much as time allows to get to the south coast and cornwall etc ...


Added by castorway on 21/11/12

Hi Angus

My sailing on the south coast is sporadic depending on where work has me but always prepared to give someone a lift down but where you're based would answer how feasible it would be.


I'm based in Crouch end and generally go towards Hayling wind and tides not withstanding. Sialed hayling Monday but will be at Rutland tomorrow

Added by emma on 21/11/12

Southend is great for freestyle when the tide is out on the ray (tomorrow!). 45 miles from crouch end. I was thinking of a road trip tomorrow but looks like 2m weather so i will probably sail the ray :-0

Added by filmtheworld on 21/11/12

Hi Angus

Try London Windsurfing on the Beach. That's a good network to start, and most of them sail at Datchet and Hayling.




Added by Neal on 21/11/12

Hi Angus

I'm in Basingstoke and from Torquay. As you are from Plymouth have you sailed Bigbury.
I sail Hayling, Avon Beach, Hill head, Calshot, Portland, Exmouth, Bigbury and sometimes Marazion.
So if your interested in any of these and its windy let me know OK



Added by Angus on 22/11/12

Hi Guys

Thanks i didn't expect so many replies, thank you. I am currently based in south London in Streatham, but my kit is down in southampton at the moment so i need to move it up to London. I have joined the London Windsurfers at the beach group as well.

Thanks for all your help


Added by Niki on 24/11/12

Hi Angus and everyone,

I'm also based in London - hackney - and would love to go out more, now that I own a van. I can only go out on weekends and would be great to go to southend, hayling or wherever. happy to give a lift, need some help with rigging in exchange ;)

hope to see you soon on the water
will also join the London Windsurfers now



Added by Yannis on 24/11/12

Good morning from Bromley. I am yet, another land-locked windsurfing kinda guy. I usually sail in Hayling and Whistable/Tankerton. Longish drive to Hayling, but I much prefer the Solent to anything Kent has to offer.

Haven't sailed since September, due to kids, work, etc. but have vowed to hit the Hayling flats at least once before the holidays!

And I need a van... sigh...

Added by emma on 24/11/12

Hi niki,

I'm sailing at southend tomorrow at around 11 or 12 if you fancy it? Can help you with rigging. Call me if you fancy it 07742326448.



Added by Yannis on 24/11/12

Hey Emma, where about in Southend do you launch? Can you send me a map link? Never sailed there and I just realised it's only 40 miles from where I leave. Not sure about tomorrow though!

Added by Niki on 24/11/12

Thanks so much Emma! would love to come tomorrow, but already busy with other activities. also still need to get my kit together, hopefullly done in a few weeks time. will definitely call/txt when I'm all set up to come and join you in southend
thank youuuuuuuu

Added by emma on 26/11/12

Yannis, normally i sail from Chalkwell Esplanade, just type that into google maps and it will take you there. If you're learning it's a nice safe spot considering it's coastal. And if you would like to improve on your technique, i have been teaching for about ten years now so always happy to give lessons :)

Niki - yes, give me a call next time you fancy it - yesterday was nice and mild tho i don't know how much longer that will last!

There are two local internet pages where us locals post up: on facebook "wet n dry boardsports group" and www.windsurf-southend.co.uk

I tend to use the facebook page more - i teach in connection with them and give top advice!

Added by brav on 26/11/12

Angus, I'm also new to the forum and currently based in Kingston upon Thames. Since moving here from Oz I have generally sailed at Calshot ... though regrettably only once this summer which was rubbish. It's a bit of drive down the M3 but I tend to go for the whole day and if tide's not right, go for a coffee and wait.

If you (or for that matter anyone else) is interested in some Winter sessions down at Calshot? (once I get my winter steamer sorted that is) let me know.