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go Samsung!!!
advertising that counts - lets see more...

go Samsung!!!

what a distracting and winning pitch when shopping at the supermarket!!! Give us more please

Last updated: 07/02/14 02:09 By: Genevieve

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Windsurfing back in the Olympics for 2016

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Looks like windsurfing is back in the olympics, yaaa

Last updated: 13/11/12 10:08 By: Carl

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the dreaming

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Keeping the dream alive in Cornwall this coming 26 - 28 Oct

Last updated: 21/10/12 14:07 By: johng

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hold on, there are waves!!
Red River holidays

Gwythian wave romp

Gwythian rocks!
Join in if you can - Check out BWA website

26-28 October
and yes, friday too

Last updated: 15/10/12 00:09 By: Mark

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Sign the Protect Our Waves petition!

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Pitch into the SAS campaign for protection for waves!!

Last updated: 07/08/12 18:43 By: johng

What happens when your forward is feeble

tonight is the night to party all night long....

Calshot partying - indoors so no weather worries - how many times did they mention the roof at the Wimbledon final

Last updated: 14/07/12 10:06 By: Genevieve

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camp friday night as well at the Calshot party

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you can camp on the friday as well as saturday night

Last updated: 06/07/12 08:20 By: Genevieve



that sandy rain came from African Sahara, and the canary islands

Last updated: 30/06/12 08:42 By: Genevieve

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Hayling 18 August 2018

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Peak Hayling? Impossible!! Can't wait!

North Devon 25-26 August 2018

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Northam, Westward Ho!, Appledore... The Mini Convention, endless expanses of beach, rock fortresses and camps... Maybe there'll even be some sailing!

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Weymouth 25-26 August 2018

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For those who missed the previous visits to this location in 2018, or those who want to go again, here's another chance.

Bramblebush 15 Sep 2018

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The last visit to Bramblebush for 2018 - could be really good, with lower traffic to get there (it's never actually crowded as a venue) and weather potentially nice.
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