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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Christchurch on 08/10/14

Rating:3 star rating
Board:111 litres

Good forcast so headed down to the beach, hav not sailed at Christchurch for a while and its one of my closest beaches. Parked up in the harbour at 7:30am and on the water by 7:45, wasted 5 minutes searching for enough change 10.00 A DAY!!! The wind gradually built during the day and got quite strong but stuck with the sail I had rigged and was a bit overpowered and very gusty. Also had flue which probably didnt help but found it a bit of a struggle day as still trying to get the hang of my freestyle board, all I can manage on it so far are flair gybes, but they are very fast... I struggle to keep up with the board and am concentrating on slowing them down. Didnt manage to get it going up wind really, thats going to take more practice but have worked out that it is very sensitive to sail positioning. It is the shortest board I have sailed at 2.2m, maybe that is whats throwing me?
Was going to move round to Avon beach and get the wave board out in the afternoon but energy reseves were depleted so sat and watched for a while, had a chat with Carl and went for a walk.

Christchurch on 22/06/08

Rating:5 star rating
Board:95 litres

Best sail for two years, water was a little flat but musn`t grumble, the sun was shining and the wind blew, got to be a 5 star day. Plans to use one of my newly aquired ezzys was scuppered when I realized the 430 mast I bought at the boot fair a couple of weeks ago, was at home. Tried to rig it on a 460 but to no avail, so got out the smallest sail I could rig, a 6.3m. It was a bit full on but managed to hold it down ok, coupled with Heathers Axxis272 it felt mighty quick, and had lots of fun seeing how fast I could go on a broad reach before wipeing out or hitting some steep chop. Did manage to gybe it now and then, but bare feet and a banana skin deck proved challenging, so will be applying some non-slip during the week. Had a chat with Adrian and also Claire, saw Chris Burley, and watched both Nick and Sarah have a sail, even witnessing the tag team changeover.
The car park at Avon beach filled quickly, and I understand more club people sailed in the harbour, so didnt get to see everyone, but overall, a fabulous day.

Christchurch on 21/06/08

Rating:2 star rating
Board:127 litres

A visit to the local surf shop to pick up a full set of used ezzy`s, got the kit, now come on wind. Few cups of coffee later the wind looked to be building so skip the 9.0m and straight to the 7.0m, had half an hour of planing and chasing Dad around before it dropped, ah well. Had a nice meal at The Globe, though portions were a bit small....(oops, forgot, I am meant to be loosing weight) and great to see Chris again, the tash was a suprise though.

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