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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Hayling Island on 17/08/08

Rating:5 star rating
Board:90 litres

Wasn`t sure the 7.0m would work on the RRD, but decided to give it a go. Definately felt big, and the tail was very loose with the small freestyle wave fin, but was planning nearly all the time, mostly apperant wind, but really good fun. Early planning has improved, a combination of better tecnique, slippery early planning board, loosing 11 kilo`s and getting stronger has had a dramatic effect. Long way to go yet though, as I still need a bigger sail than most to get it all to happen. Sailed late, and spent the evening at Bill and Heathers before a late drive home.
5 stars? Maybe not the conditions so much as state of mind, had a really enjoyable fun day.

Hayling Island on 10/08/08

Rating:4 star rating
Board:90 litres

On the water early this morning, as it was Dads birthday today and we had a party to get to this afternoon. First time in a long while that I rigged smaller than Dad, but had some early planning confidence on the new board. Did struggle a bit to keep up wind, but had plenty of speed in the gusts. Sunshine, good wind, too good to be true. UJ broke while I was quite a way out, so after a little think about it, decided to lay my harness on the deck, waterstart and keep the mast foot on the harness, then sail back to the beach. Lot of pressure on the arms, so got the board planning and it was then much easier, but ended up down the beach a way. Got back to the van and looked at the watch 9:30, windsurf shop wont be open yet, better put the kettle on.
Dad soon realized he had lost his blasting partner, and promptly turned up with mug in hand as the kettle came to the boil. He had a look in the back of his van for a spare UJ, no luck. Then his face dropped just after slamming his back door shut, keys were locked up in the back of his van! After lots of wringing of hands and shaking of heads we got the AA involved. They soon sorted him out, but by then it was time to go home, we just had time for a quick shower before the afternoon party began.
Overall, a great day for Dad, brilliant sail for an hour in the morning(good wind and sunshine), followed by some high adrenaline exitement until lunch time, then a family party in the afternoon and evening. Just about perfect, though a little less exitement would be preferable next time round!

Hayling Island on 09/08/08

Rating:4 star rating
Board:90 litres

Had a great morning sail on the Axxis 272 and a 5.8m sail, nice chop for jumping and generally blasting about. Lunch time coincided with high tide, so Dad and I decided to have an hour off and get out of the wetsuits. Went for a walk down to the windsurf shop, just to past the time. Got into a discusion about freestyle wave boards, and too my suprise came out of the shop with a secondhand RRD freestyle wave board, 90ltrs, roughly 3 or 4 years old.
Dad helped me carry it to the beach as it was still quite windy, then quickly change into the wetsuit and take it for a test drive. Not sure what to expect, but within 5 minutes knew it was a keeper. The smoothness, manoverability and control of a wave board, but it also planes early and really accelerates off the wind. Freestyle potential .......er maybe!

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