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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Lanzarote on 23/08/17

Rating:5 star rating
Board:105 litres

Fantastic day in Costa Teguise.
Wind much cleaner than the last few days. My 5.3 was a little marginal early on but by the end of my morning session and throughout the afternoon session it was well powered.
Tried the Fanatic 'stubby; ST Freewave 105 - what a board! Dead short, parallel rails but a turning circle to die for - caught me a out a few times on the gybe. Tacking a little more technical and with most of the volume under the footstraps you had to be careful how you landed big jumps as the board doesn't necessary sink like other similar volume boards - and there were quite a few big jumps today.
The short length definitely enhanced my forward loop attempts and I was consistently rotating. I think previously I was trying to rotate before I had enough height. However all of these shenanigans didn't help my ribs that I bruised yesterday in a silly catapult - think I will be on the painkillers tomorrow!
Joined late on by Tonky Frans, underlining again why this place is so good: you have beginners out in the bay (and a little beyond) and have world renowned sailors on the point only a few metres away.

Lanzarote on 28/05/13

Rating:3 star rating
Board:105 litres

A bit overcast and I wasn't sure if it would be worth going out, but was persuaded to try a Gecko - this is a new concept from Fanatic - 105 litres and almost 70cm wide. Well it worked very well coupled with a 6.2. Very early to plane and surprisingly good in the air for nice floaty jumps, a real joy for a nice mellow session that involved exploring upwind.

Lanzarote on 26/05/13

Rating:3 star rating
Board:105 litres

First day of holiday in Costa Teguise. Maybe 5.7 was a little optimistic but it was great to get out in a summer suit. About 15-20 people out, never felt remotely crowded

Dahab on 20/06/09

Rating:2 star rating
Board:105 litres

Bit underpowered today and also a bit wary of my somewhat swollen ankle. Well, that was my excuse for leaving the vulcans alone...

Dahab on 19/06/09

Rating:4 star rating
Board:105 litres

Had a bash at a few vulcans today. Good fun although a bit scary if you value your ankles. Sure enough by the end of the day I could barely walk after a particularly hard tail-first landing. Still, at least the video evidence showed where it was all going wrong, so have something to work on now (once the ankle is better).

Dahab on 18/06/09

Rating:2 star rating
Board:105 litres

wind a bit more fickle today and never really produced the goods - would really have needed 7m+ to get consistently planing - bit too much like hard work for a holiday...

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