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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Brandon Bay on 29/09/18

Rating:4 star rating
Board:140 litres

So that didn't turn out quite how I was expecting. First go at foiling with tuition and kit curtesy of Guy Cribb. Wind very light at Scraggane and no one else was really getting going so my expectations were pretty low especially as being a beginner I was advised to take nothing more than a 7m
I borrowed someone else's kit and as I headed out I discovered the sail was a 8.6m which was hard work for a first go, however I got flight time on my first run and indeed on subsequent runs although I have to say I tired pretty quickly out of the harness and holding the biggest sail I have ever used.
In summary - probably not the ideal set-up but it was certainly effective. However I have a lot to learn..

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 22/08/13

Rating:2 star rating
Board:140 litres

OK, shameless diary entry but as I got on a board on the water I think I am entitled to record it. This was an afternoon for Nayra - a perfectly timed trip to Hillhead to make use of the mid-tide lagoon which is normally a pain, but today made for ideal learning conditions. Unfortunately Nayra was more interested in throwing mud pies at me than windsurfing after she found the board a little more tippy on the water than it is on our front lawn. Still, it all ended happily with fish and chips in Stubbington.

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 08/05/11

Rating:2 star rating
Board:140 litres

went to Hillhead in the hope of some wind... but it never really materialised. On the positive side, at least I had Jane's big board in the van so after 30 min on my 99l skate I changed up to her 140 litre board. Not enough to get me planing but better for light wind freestyle.

Weymouth on 28/08/10

Rating:3 star rating
Board:140 litres

All looked a bit marginal by the time we arrived on the beach but decided it would be rude not to go out. Used Jane's 140l board with a 25cm freestyle fin in it as the tide was on the way out.
The good news is that on the way out I got planing before all the formula boys, however it was fair to say that once the water got deeper than their fins then they probably had the last laugh...
I was pleasantly surprised how relatively easy it was to plane on my set-up, but once planing then going in a straight line was a real challenge, especially as I had left the straps in their outboard positions. As for then trying to hack upwind whilst on the plane: the only thing I could think of was to try and make the inevitable spin out into some sort of tack entry to make it all look deliberate... It was all quite good fun.

Hayling Island on 25/04/10

Rating:2 star rating
Board:140 litres

Not mega windy but it was nice to get out in the sun and without boots for the first time this year. Fortunately had Jane's board with me, don't think mine would have been much fun in the light winds. Did a bit of sail twirling etc until the wind filled in a bit. Was starting to think about calling it a day when right out the back my boom snapped in two places which wasn't ideal. I lost the arm and the back end. Tried swimming for a bit but wasn't making much progress. Then had another attempt to apply my rather poor DIY skills - manged to salvage some outhaul to tie the clew of the sail to the end of the remaining boom arm which was just about enough to struggle back in, trying to stay as sheeted out as possible to avoid too much stress on the sail and boom. After that it definitely was time to call it a day!

Added by Andrew on 26/04/10

Missed you again Jonathan, I was there in the morning (didn't sail though)

Added by jonathan on 27/04/10

Hopefully catch up with you soon Andrew.

I should also add that the offending boom WASN'T the one purchased from Duncan recently!!

South Devon (Bigbury) on 21/09/09

Rating:1 star rating
Board:140 litres

Definitely my worst session for some time. Down in Bigbury for a week but no wind so finally resorted to taking my 8m (not used for 3 years) coupled to Jane's big board. Eventually got going in a gust, tacked, got pulled over the front.. and took the nose off. Not a great session - and the only one of the week :(

Added by Andrew on 23/09/09

It doesn't sound like full on Bigbury wave sailing. Still, I expect it was good to be in South Devon with the family.

Added by jonathan on 23/09/09

Yes, that side is great. Have an apartment right on the beach with a perfect view across to Burgh Island. Nayra now the proud owner of her first (pink) wetsuit.

Weymouth on 26/05/07

Rating:2 star rating
Board:140 litres

Rigged Jane's kit on the pretext of testing it for her and then had an hour or so of blasting. 140 litres and 7m was about the smallest I could have got away with. I think the Weymouth speed record was safe!

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