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Hayling Island on 28/07/18

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

Plenty of wind so an excellent opportunity to 'fire up the Quatro' (I've been waiting to say that for ages). New wave board with three sets of thruster fins to try out. Certainly the set I used first time out were pretty loose. Great on the waves but pretty technical in the chop (although being stacked on a 4.2 might have been a contributory factor).
4.2, on a new waveboard, in a shortie - what more could you ask for? Got some great jumps.
Heading to Lanzarote next week and it will be the first time I have arrived on holiday with blisters already in situ..

Brandon Bay on 02/10/13

Rating:3 star rating
Board:84 litres

After a morning on the reef break followed by a leisurely lunch we went around the corner to the beach break at Inchy Strand. Now fully powered up on a 4.7 and instead of a coseting reef break we had a breach break with the deepest impact zone I have ever seen. My session was pulled down a few pegs by some silly mistakes... In ascending order of consequence...
1 going for big air in the white water, stalling on landing and then getting trashed by the incoming wave x2
2 misjudging a set and then getting stuck in the world's longest impact zone in the middle of a set
3 carrying on sailing with no strength left in my arms to get in/out through the waves
4 letting go of my kit whilst getting hit by white water on the outside edge of the impact zone and then having the longest swim of my life back to shore whilst watching my kit getting washed up onto the beach (fortunately no breakage).
.. So an eventful day, now back at hotel for second night - with all clothes, toiletries etc back at base camp in Brandon Bay - definitely a road trip to remember!

Added by johng on 03/10/13

Ah, the old "arms too tired" error... you were lucky. I ended up getting rescued by the RNLI chaps at Westward Ho one time when my kit escaped, having been unable to waterstart and having had it knocked out of my hands after hanging around for what felt like a week.

And what's wrong with a freestyle fin? Better to be on the wave on any kit than tarting about on the beach.

Added by rogerta on 03/10/13

Oh happy memories Jonathan - ha ha ha - got take a beating every now and again!!

Lanzarote on 01/06/13

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

Another afternoon of 3-fin, 4-batten bliss. There were waves about at Los Charcos, most very mellow but every now and again a rather sizeable set rolled in although Tonky and friends were pulling big moves off almost anything. A lovely session to end the week - 7/7 windy days.. Plus waves on the last 3 days. I have to confess to needing a rescue at the end when the wind dropped and swung dead offshore, but some consolation that the same boat went back for Tonky :) Downwind 360s getting much closer after some tips and trying them in the straps - which also helps backside waveriding I found.

Added by rogerta on 02/06/13

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the Freewave - I bought one of those earlier this year but yet to use - the Team Edition version. Couldn't afford the Textreme as they are silly money.

Added by jonathan on 02/06/13

yes, I got the 85 last year but of course being a year older doesn't have the tri-fin configuration. Fantastic board though - at home and abroad!

Hayling Island on 25/11/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

Well I found my way down to the coast for the first time in ages and then wondered why I had bothered. The wind was much lighter than forecast and it was clear there was a huge rainstorm on the way. Rigged my 5.9m and 99l board (had hoped to be on much less) and then sat out the rain in the van. Predictably the rain killed the wind but as I had rigged up I thought I might was well get wet. Pottered around for a bit (actually quite a while) until eventually the wind came back. Was very keen to try my 'new' board for the first time but figured as soon as I came in to get it the wind would drop. Eventually came in to get it and guess what... the wind dropped as another rainstorm came through - much to Juan and John's amusement - now sitting nice and dry in John's van.

The rain didn't so much stop as become less heavy, so I gave it another go on my Skate - again non planing until gradually the wind came back. FINALLY hopped onto my new board - hurrah - first time since I got it in August!!! It felt good, however the one fault I found is that it doesn't have headlights. By now there were only 3 people out so it was time to come in.

Fortunately my van does have headlights - as they were required for derigging purposes. So in the end, a decent sail - and good to see Hayling groupies John, Juan and Adrian :)

Hayling Island on 16/05/09

Rating:3 star rating
Board:84 litres

4.5 was possibly a bit small given the holes in the wind.
Loads of people out, nice jumping waves and even some sunshine made for great conditions. Would have been even better had the wind not been quite so gusty.
Finished a bit early due to putting a hole in my (very old) 4.5. But got a bargain from Andy Biggs on the way home so a good result all round...

Added by johng on 17/05/09

Obviously 4.5 slightly too small because of the holes in the sail - forget the holes in the wind!

Added by Genevieve on 18/05/09

Swiss cheese still floats, just not as fast as cheddar

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 10/08/08

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

Set off a bit late to get to Christchurch so decided on Hillhead again. Found most people out on 4.2m which I thought was a bit extreme for August, but followed suit anyway... and it was a good choice!
An excellent couple of hours, well powered on the 4.2 in nice sunny conditions. The tide was coming in so some decent ramps, and it wasn't even that busy - I guess tiredness was taking its toll on those who had been out all day.

I was just about to call it a day when Nick and Sarah turned up, I had one last run and found myself totally overpowered even on the 4.2m. I assumed I was being a bit of a wuss, until Nick went out on his 4.2m and had the same problem.

Who'd have thought we'd be overpowered on 4.2s in August??

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 25/06/08

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

Managed to escape early from the course I was on (a tax lecture or windsurfing - a not-too-difficult decision) - so a rapid drive from Oxford ensued! Got to Hillhead about 6:30pm - it was the busiest I have ever seen it at this time in the evening. Rigged my 4.5 (still wet from Sunday)but then spotted a tear in it. So more messing about as I dug out my duck tape. Eventually hit the water and it was bliss: warm, sunny June evening and out on a 4.5m! Unfortunately holes did then start to appear in the wind however even by the time I called it a day at 8:30pm, I was still planing on the 4.5 (albeit with far less downhaul and outhaul than when I had started).

South Devon (Bigbury) on 14/05/08

Rating:3 star rating
Board:84 litres

The wind had swung around and strengthened. Rigged a 5.5m but quickly switched to my waveboard and 5m.
Didn't manage to catch low tide so waves not as consistent but still good fun. Unfortunately the wind dropped after lunch - so it was off to Burgh Island for a pint instead!

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 08/03/08

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

I reckon this was my best ever sail at Hillhead - despite the miserable weather and sometimes gusty wind.
This was my first trip down to the beach with Nayra - she spent most of the time sleeping in Jane's arms in the van.
Caught it at high tide which meant there was some really nice steep ramps as the tide backed off and I was able to get some nice jumps.
For obvious reasons, I was only out about an hour and a half - but I think I got the best of the wind.

Sorry Adrian - would have joined you at Hayling but didn't leave Basingstoke until midday - I reckon you would have long gone!

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 13/01/08

Rating:3 star rating
Board:84 litres

Started off at Hayling however by the time I launched it was approaching high tide and was pretty much onshore. 3 attempts later and I still wasn't off the beach - having watched a number of people destroy their kit!

Went round to Hillhead where it was amazingly cross shore. It felt a bit strange sailing from Hillhead on port tack - like Margarita but a bit chillier...

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