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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Lepe & Calshot on 21/08/10

Rating:3 star rating
Board:91 litres

A pretty grey day which didn't really brighten up at any point, however there was plenty of wind! 5.5m was a bit much at times - my 5m would have been a bit more appropriate.
Still it was nice to have good, well-powered up sailing. And nice to see a good turnout. Given the weather, Jane and Nayra opted for the cinema rather than the beach so I headed back for bathtime.

Lepe & Calshot on 19/07/08

Rating:4 star rating
Board:91 litres

The wind was pretty gusty due to there being quite a bit of North in it but this made it very flat on the inside - great for a bit of freestyle practice.
Spent a bit of time off the plane in the lulls, but the 5.5m was perfect when the wind was up.
Made good progress on both upwind and downwind 360s - finally figured out what I had been doing wrong on the downwinders.
Nicely rounded off with a good meal at the Forest Home.

Lepe & Calshot on 16/06/07

Rating:3 star rating
Board:91 litres

A day of ups and downs, sun and rain etc.
Started off on my 6.6m which quickly became a handful in the lumpy water. My 5.5m on a smaller board fared much better. The wind then dropped to nothing, and then when it seemed like it was time to pack up, it picked up enough to use my 6.6m again. On a retreating tide the water then went very flat - perfect for gybing practice and the like...

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