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Brandon Bay on 27/09/16

Rating:4 star rating
Board:95 litres

Fantastic afternoon session. 5.3 and tri wave perfect tools. Got couple of good jumps and plenty of wave rides, really starting to get the feel of what makes them work (and what doesn't!) now - generally staying high to generate more board speed is what is required.
Only downside was my best wave getting dropped in on by a kitesurfer 😟
Most of the afternoon action captured by Guy's new drone with some fantastic images to review over a Guiness in the evening.

Brandon Bay on 25/09/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

A very fickle day, alternating between driving rain and sunshine, rainbows galore - typical Ireland. Got some decent rides then wind dropped and I got taken out in a lull on the way in, cue long (or so it seemed to me) swim.
Next squall, it went very onshore and I found myself riding backside, returned for more, caught in a lull, taken out and another swim. The combined effect of both swims did unsettle me a little so as the wind backed off further i didn't take much persuasion to call it a day.

Brandon Bay on 24/09/16

Rating:4 star rating
Board:95 litres

Gowlane today. Nice clean swell and wind that picked up throughout the day - but was always quite gusty.
To begin with I found it difficult to get on the wave simply because the wind either dropped to nothing or pulled me out of shape. However as the gusts became more sustained it was much easier to catch the waves and get some decent rides. A lower boom definitely helped my bottom turn. I did manage to hit the beach at full speed at one point much to the amusement of all, but fortunately no damage to body or board. It became quite a mammoth session in the end, indicative of how much fun it was - toasted with a pint of Guinness on the way back.

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