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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Hayling Island on 03/11/13

looks great doesn't it... didn't look like that by the time I had rigged 5 min later :-(
Rating:1 star rating
Board:74 litres

Having missed last weekend, was dead keen to get out today. With a 10.30 high tide I delayed a little to ensure I got a reasonable launch. Nice and windy and beautiful waves greeted me on my arrival (check out the pic).
I am waiting on a new waveboard to arrive so this was to be my last sail on my 74 litre which was a slightly bittersweet feeling as it has served me well.
Launched, got on the plane, got to the outside sand bar and then the wind dropped to pretty much zilch. Suddenly my last sail on my 74 was more bitter than sweet - and it was hard work getting back to shore. Waited a while for it to pick up again, but it never did. Was tempted to take out my freestyle board with a much bigger sail but didn't even seem enough wind for that and by now the waves were receding.
All in all, rather a disappointment :(

PS if anyone is looking for a new small waveboard let me know. 74 litres gives loads of control for the really wild days - really well planted and beautiful to gybe. Not so good when the wind drops though..

Hayling Island on 15/09/13

Rating:4 star rating
Board:74 litres

Got down to Hayling after swimming with the kids so it had filled in a bit and luckily (for me) Andrew was derigging his 5.5 and talking about 4.7 or 4.2. The wind was definitely a bit up and down - to the extent that I got my freewave board out and then before getting it wet decided that I would be better on my waveboard - so went for the small 74 litre board but partnered with my 4.7 rather than 4.2.
This turned out to be a great decision. It was a bit up and down, and more chop than decent swell but my kit choice was spot on. Even the stinging rain at one point didn't put a dampener on things (excuse the pun).
A great day for jumping and hopefully a good warm up for my trip to Ireland in 2 weeks' time. Although I have to say - that first time I have put my winter suit back on this early in the season for a long time...

Hayling Island on 15/06/13

Rating:3 star rating
Board:74 litres

What is it about June in the UK. I reckon over the last few years I have used my smallest board and sail more in June than any other month - no doubt something about the 'Great British Summer'. Anyway, unfortunately I didn't make Bramblebush having had kitchen stuff to sort out (finally got running water in our kitchen for the first time in 3 weeks - but that is another story).
Got down to Hayling to find it windy, but underestimated quite how windy it was. Went out on my 85l freewave and 4.7 and almost got blown off the water. With the tide heading in I decided it was no time to mess about and changed to my super narrow 74l waveboard and 4.2m. This was much better - this board might be looking a bit old fashioned now (for goodness sake, it only has one fin :)) but when you need control it has it in bucketloads. However by the time I was heading in, even this combo was getting a bit of a handful. Checking on Chimet it was a pretty solid 35-40 knots and the water was certainly lumpy. How Bill had been hanging onto a 5m I will never know.

Hayling Island on 16/06/12

Rating:5 star rating
Board:74 litres

Hayling Island did a very good impression of Pozo today: steep ramps and plenty of wind. All the no-wind hours building my patio single-handed were put to good use - the heavy work must have built up my arm muscles as I managed to hang onto my 4.2m for 4+ hours. That said, at times I was totally overpowered - but overall it was a good choice (I don't have anything smaller so "choice" is not entirely accurate).
The best ramps were straight off the beach so it was a good job you could get planing straight out of the shallows. I definitely got my highest jumps of my windsurfing career today.
Good to see John, Dave, Sheena (and family) and Steve.
Really didn't want to call it a day but my arms gave out just before the rain came in - which was perfect timing.

Hayling Island on 08/06/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:74 litres

I think my first after work sail for 2-3 years - made the effort largely due to being on childminding duties today. And what an evening to manage to get away...
I have never seen so many people rigging up at 7pm before - normally I am concerned that I will be the only one out at that sort of time, but no danger of that today. Low tide, so waves not massive but good jumping ramps. My 4.2m was the perfect size for the conditions.
Tried unsuccessfully to drag in the abandoned board and rig of a guy who had dislocated his shoulder on the sandbar. By the time I had sailed in, contacted the coastguard grabbed a tow rope etc it was nowhere to be seen. He is going to have to wait for this to wash up elsewhere. All credit to the guy who managed to drag the casualty in - can't have been fun being dragged behind a board with a dislocated shoulder either.
At about 9.15pm thought I was the only one out and it was starting to get dark so called it an evening - however then discovered the RNLI and search and rescue helicopter were out looking for someone else with a broken UJ. Certainly the downside of Hayling is that the waves break a long way out so if it all goes wrong you are often dependent on assistance...
All in all a great evening!

PS great to see Adrian and Matt - first time for ages

Hayling Island on 12/06/11

Rating:4 star rating
Board:74 litres

As weeks go I'd had a pretty unlucky one:
Monday - stuck on Waterloo-Basingstoke train for 2 hours
Tuesday - broke tooth (and have been in pain ever since)
Thursday - stuck on Waterloo-Basingstoke train for 6 hours (a particularly unpleasant experience when you have tooth ache)
Friday - tried to get tooth fixed, dentist didn't do the job properly and I got caught speeding on the way back home (you could argue that was partly self-induced)

So with the weather pretty foul today I thought I would nip down late to Hayling as I had a replacement mast to pick up (first one had signs of damage after two sessions), however I didn't realise Andy Biggs shut at 4pm and I turned up at 4:15pm. Pretty unfortunate as this was my 400cm skinny mast we're talking about.
With all this bad luck in the bank, I have to admit to thinking twice about going out when I got down to the sea front to find the wind had picked up to about 35 knots, the tide was coming in fast and everyone else was packing up (and I mean everyone).
So I did the sensible thing and went out (on my old 400cm mast) - surely my luck had to change soon...
Quickly discovered the 4.2m was hugely overpowered most of the time, however as it was so onshore I was pretty grateful of having some turbo power to get off the beach with. Once away from the shorebreak the waves were perfectly formed and lining up beautifully. The only problem was being so overpowered on them.
I still cannot believe that at 5pm on a windy, 'summer' afternoon I was the only windsurfer out on Hayling seafront. I have to say, I found this pretty erie and as a result I didn't push my luck and stay out too long, especially as visibility in the rain was so poor. That said, being so overpowered in the waves I got tired pretty quickly anyway.
True to form, got mullered by the shorebreak on the way in and my kit wrapped itself around a groyne. However amazingly it all seemed to survive unscathed - that and the waves quite possibly my first good luck of the week :)

Hayling Island on 28/11/09

Rating:2 star rating
Board:74 litres

It was blowing old boots when I got to Hayling so seemed a good opportunity to use my 4.5m for the first time. Also on my small board as I had dinged my 84 in the week.
First run out was brilliant - nicely powered and the 74l board was a joy. However it didn't prove quite such a joy when the wind dropped off. After blobbing around long enough to be sure this wasn't just a prolonged lull, I came in and rigged a 5.9m. However I never bothered going out on this as the wind then died completely.

Hayling Island on 19/01/08

Rating:4 star rating
Board:74 litres

Met up with Adrian at Hayling. Started off on 84l waveboard and 5m however had underestimated how much damage I had done to my board last weekend. Had to apply some last minute dingstick and of course couldn't be bothered to wait for it to set. Hence my board started taking on water!

The good news was that the wind increased, so came in to change to my 74l and whack on a load more downhaul. Whilst I was doing this I was amazed that Adrian was hanging onto his 5.2m and freestyle board. When I headed back out, sure enough I saw him hanging onto it.. only his sail was totally derigged and he was missing half his mast - sorry I didn't see you earlier Adrian, although I certainly wouldn't have been able to give you the fanatastic tow that the other guy did!

The good news for everyone (but especially Adrian) was how warm it was - it was great to be out without boots again!

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