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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Hayling Island on 03/03/19

Rating:2 star rating
Board:84 litres

Rather than ?storm chasers? it felt more like Freya lay in wait and then pounced today. Got down about 2pm to find it squally, gusty, rainy, very onshore and people not doing much on 4.7m. I rigged a 5.3m and found that ok for about 30min but then got steadily overpowered. I therefore skipped the 4.7 and switched to 4.2. For 15 min that felt like a huge mistake. Then Freya arrived. I hung onto the 4.2m as long as I could but eventually had to admit defeat although by now I think there were only 5 of us out.

Hayling Island on 26/08/18

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

It may have been August Bank Holiday but it felt distinctly autumnal today and didn?t stop raining for the entire 4+ hour session however I didn?t hear many people complaining - plenty of swell and on a 4.7m kept everyone smiling. On the beach it felt like you needed much less than a 4.7m however we launched when the tide was still quite high and the wind was dead onshore so power was needed to get out. The wind actually dropped as we launched and remained quite gusty however the relatively clean swell made up for this. My tri fin Quatro definitely has better acceleration between the waves than my old quad and the steep waves were great for back loop attempts although inevitably they all ended in a big crash...

Hayling Island on 28/07/18

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

Plenty of wind so an excellent opportunity to 'fire up the Quatro' (I've been waiting to say that for ages). New wave board with three sets of thruster fins to try out. Certainly the set I used first time out were pretty loose. Great on the waves but pretty technical in the chop (although being stacked on a 4.2 might have been a contributory factor).
4.2, on a new waveboard, in a shortie - what more could you ask for? Got some great jumps.
Heading to Lanzarote next week and it will be the first time I have arrived on holiday with blisters already in situ..

Hayling Island on 25/11/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

Well I found my way down to the coast for the first time in ages and then wondered why I had bothered. The wind was much lighter than forecast and it was clear there was a huge rainstorm on the way. Rigged my 5.9m and 99l board (had hoped to be on much less) and then sat out the rain in the van. Predictably the rain killed the wind but as I had rigged up I thought I might was well get wet. Pottered around for a bit (actually quite a while) until eventually the wind came back. Was very keen to try my 'new' board for the first time but figured as soon as I came in to get it the wind would drop. Eventually came in to get it and guess what... the wind dropped as another rainstorm came through - much to Juan and John's amusement - now sitting nice and dry in John's van.

The rain didn't so much stop as become less heavy, so I gave it another go on my Skate - again non planing until gradually the wind came back. FINALLY hopped onto my new board - hurrah - first time since I got it in August!!! It felt good, however the one fault I found is that it doesn't have headlights. By now there were only 3 people out so it was time to come in.

Fortunately my van does have headlights - as they were required for derigging purposes. So in the end, a decent sail - and good to see Hayling groupies John, Juan and Adrian :)

Hayling Island on 16/05/09

Rating:3 star rating
Board:84 litres

4.5 was possibly a bit small given the holes in the wind.
Loads of people out, nice jumping waves and even some sunshine made for great conditions. Would have been even better had the wind not been quite so gusty.
Finished a bit early due to putting a hole in my (very old) 4.5. But got a bargain from Andy Biggs on the way home so a good result all round...

Added by johng on 17/05/09

Obviously 4.5 slightly too small because of the holes in the sail - forget the holes in the wind!

Added by Genevieve on 18/05/09

Swiss cheese still floats, just not as fast as cheddar

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