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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Isle of Wight on 19/08/11

Rating:2 star rating
Board:99 litres

Wasn't expecting to sail today however some sun seemed to have created a bit of a sea breeze. Unfortunately by the time I had rigged, it seemed to have disappeared - so another hour or so of lightwind shenanigans.

Really didn't do very well with wind this week, but I would stress that Yaverland is a great beach and one I would very much like to sail at again with a bit more wind.

Isle of Wight on 16/08/11

Rating:3 star rating
Board:99 litres

Still somewhat gusty but managed to get planing from time to time and had the whole bay to myself. Good for lightwind practice in between the planing runs

Isle of Wight on 15/08/11

Rating:2 star rating
Board:99 litres

Wind wasn't enough to plane today, just to test my new harness and try and few light wind tricks

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