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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Sydney, Australia on 07/05/12

Rating:2 star rating
Board:76 litres

Awful sail but still good - testing. Makaha had become like some beckoning Siren only to through you into the mercy of the sea. 20knots with serious holes just where a NE swell crashed into the buiding southswell. How is it possible to be struggling to water start as someone planes not 5 meters from you? Some serious words were said in vain as waves crashed in from opposing sides. This was after the worst rock launch I have ever done, only to be bettered by the attempt to swim in through the rock garden with waves and wind gusting through to 35knots. Yep it was truly vile but there were some rides to be had and after we had walked back to the carpark, with a new collection of scratches and dings it did seem worth it .... but only just!

Sydney, Australia on 29/04/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:76 litres

Sydney dished up a perfect forecast for those of us who like a bit of a lie in on a Sunday. A sunny morning spent at the coffee shop was replaced by a solid 25knt southerly that arrived bang on cue. As the outdoor umbrellas tumbled Mark (UK now resident) headed to the usual southerly spot. As we trekked out to the headland trying to hold onto gear as it was blown in the wind we discussed the merits of some sort of trolley system or hiring sherpas. We do not have to contend with scrambing down cliffs or negotiating slippery goat tracks in the rain! Makaha delivered a consistent wind and opting for my Servene 4.5 blade I was fully lit up getting jumps on the way out. You can see from the pics that the waves were a little soft, spilling as they wrapped around the headland. As the wind was a little onshore it required a certain finess to open the clew and keep the power in the sail. This is a perfect back looping spot but as my foot was still injured from weeks earlier I just chose straight air time - some nice 4 second jumps and some huge bail outs as occassionally it was just a little overpowering.

Sydney, Australia on 11/04/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:76 litres

Sydney's blast from the SW continued for a second day but as everyone was back at it was lonely on the water. Another hike out to the headland to sail Makaha. This time I rigged a 4.5 Severne Blade which has more topend than my 4.7. I haven't used it for about 9mths so I had forgotten how sweet it is to be have a nicely balanced piece of kit perfectly suited to the 20-25knots blowing cross-off at the point. Personally i prefer to be a little underpowered for waveriding but still be able to bear-off and pump for jumps. The swell was very south but still sizable with the bigger sets well overhead and approaching 3/4 mast. It was possible to stall on the outside and pickup the larger waves, hook into a nice bottom turn and redirect into a drawn out top turn as the shoulder of the wave was quite soft. The odd wave would standup and throw a lip but my timing was mostly out. By 1:00pm the high tide had swallowed up the majority of the swell so i began the journey in. Option A is to pick up a gust and fly through the windshadow past the headland and hope you can drift in to fishermans bay- but this can lead to a very long swim in (the is a rouge turtle that has been known to attack) Option B is to pinch upwind as much as possible, then swim in 50m climb over a series of rounded beachstones - ankle breaking/kit dinging type rocks, derig and walk back up the headland with board and sail being flung round in the wind. It's a mission but well worth it!

Added by rogerta on 16/04/12

We did get pretty good conditions for this early in the year, however not sure Cornwall came up to Sydney standards - these sound epic conditions (looking forwards to seeing the piccies).

Added by Tim on 24/04/12

I've loaded a couple of pictures from the day before from Gerroa. As usual it felt so much bigger than what the pics indicate. At times I needed a lie down after so much adrenalin!

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