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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Poole on 20/08/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

Whole family went down to Poole along with some non-windsurfing friends. Spent Friday night on Hayling but I didn't plan things properly and missed out on an early Saturday morning sail (people were out from 7am). Headed to Poole expecting wind in the teens as forecasted, but found gails in the deep twenties and beyond once we got there. Kids were first to hit the water on a 1.5m but the session was short due to the strong current pushing them against the barges. I went out on a 4.7m and despite the outlandish gusts it was not that bad for a while. There were hardly any holes, a refreshing experience after Fuerte's constant extreme ups and downs. Club presence was rather thin with only Andrew around. But in the evening we found David C and his sons at the campsite so the kids were busy playing until late. Our friend's VW's awning provided a handy shelter from the rain when the time came to cook and eat.

Poole on 26/07/15

Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

Left the camp site early in the morning and headed for the ferry. We stopped at Bramblebush to check the conditions but wind was off shore so we took the ferry and headed for the harbour. Although people were planing in the horizon. low tide was approaching so I decided against going out to avoid the long walk to sailable waters. We decided to visit the Sandbanks cafe for a snack before heading out and that's when the plans changed.

Whilst munching on a piece of banana cake I noticed people sailing on the Sandbanks side so I went out to check the conditions. I hadn't sailed in anything higher than 1m waves for years (if ever) so I had to pause and carefully consider my options. I spoke to a couple of guys rigging 4.2m and 4.5m and decided to have a go. Rigged my 4.7m and went out. Unfortunately by then both waves and wind had picked up even more, so my session focused more on staying in one piece instead of whatever wave sailing I could muster. I had to call it a day when it became impossible to sail the gusts and when I realised that most of the jumps I managed were of the catapult kind! It was a great experience though and I will start chasing the waves a lot more!

Poole on 29/07/13

Yannis on the gybe
Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

Officially the Bramblebush event had ended on the 29th, but we were still in the area, so I count this as another entry!

Being Monday, the only people sailing were a couple of pensioners, an Austrian ski instructor and myself.

Monday was a much more lively day than Sunday with stronger winds and decent size chop. I got my gear spot on first time around (I figured that if an osteoporotic septuagenarian can sail a 5.7m then a 6.4m should be perfect for me. And it was!). When it blew it rocked, but when it dropped it really sucked. My 95 lt board wasn't an easy one to keep afloat so in-between moments of planing ecstasy, there was a lot of cursing.

Another great day overall.

On Tuesday morning, Dorset waved us good bye with a massive downpour, so now I am drying a tent and 7 sails downstairs.

Poole on 15/06/13

Meat eating fest at Acton Fields camp site 
Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

Textbook case of mismatched expectation and reality - or rather flawed observation!

Rigged 6m - when in the water found 5.5m conditions
Rigged 5.6m - when in the water found 4.5m conditions
Rigged 4.6 - when in the water found 4m conditions

Then I got sick of changing sails so I stuck with the 4.6m.

In hindsight I should have sized down to my wave-board, but all those wipe-outs severely impaired my judgement.

As John said, bit of a nasty morning, but when the sun came out later on it turned out to be a glorious afternoon.

First time at Acton Fields. Very basic as described but very clean and quiet, so a very good experience.

Great to see everyone and to meet some new people. Looking forward to Calshot.

Added by johng on 17/06/13

"all those wipe-outs severely impaired my judgement" - Yeah, that repeated head- or other parts of the anatomy-banging together with the desperate struggle to recalibrate the brain to the massive gusts and bonkers speed has that effect! Still, at least you had breaks while you were re-rigging ;)

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