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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Lepe & Calshot on 15/07/18

Rating:5 star rating
Board:120 litres

Here are the ratings:

- Lagoon water full of floating, green, organic matter sticking to both humans and gear: 1
- Brownish foam everywhere: 1
- Brown jelly fish spotted in lagoon: 1
- Lagoon muddy seabed: 1
- Scorching sun: 3
- Being out before sea breezes hit: 2
- Warm sea: 5
- Marcou clan (well, the thrill seeking part of it at least) sailing together for the first time ever: 100

Do the quick math... final rating 5/5!

Other than that, an awesome weekend amongst the clubs finest!

We even bumped into Heather and Bill on Hayling during our overnight stay.

Lepe & Calshot on 15/07/17

Rating:2 star rating
Board:120 litres

Overcast, full of holes. Managed to plane for a while, but the on and off action made the whole thing tiring.

The plan to get Lucas out there failed due to the cold/wave/wind combo. After a few failed attempts packed up and got back to the campsite for marshmallow smores.

Lepe & Calshot on 19/07/15

Rating:5 star rating
Board:120 litres

Now that was an epic day! Started with an SUP session at about 9am. Was already a bit breezy, but braved it (beginner's foolishness) and paddled to the tugboats and back. Straight after, I hopped on the windsurfing kit that was left rigged from Saturday. After an hour's worth of starting and stopping the wind picked up and the rest is history! Stopped some time in the afternoon when I got blisters on my hands. Lots of people in the water attempting various stunts. I stuck to my agenda which was gybe, gybe and gybe.

Lepe & Calshot on 18/07/15

Rating:1 star rating
Board:120 litres

Spent an hour in the water but planed for about 5 minutes. And that 8.4m sail gets very heavy when not planing. Kept looking for those pockets of wind, but they were full of holes!

Lepe & Calshot on 14/07/13

Jonathan supervises child labourers
Rating:2 star rating
Board:120 litres

Same conditions as on Saturday. Hopped in the bay full of modest anticipation and got rewarded with a great 10 minutes of planing on nice smooth water (popped the cams in this time!). Went downhill from there.

Gets an average first because of the short burst of excitement and second because I sailed in my shorts and a t-shirt.

Lepe & Calshot on 15/07/12

Getting ready to sail in Calshot
Rating:2 star rating
Board:120 litres

Our weekend experience in 10 lines:

We arrived at Calshot on Friday.
It rained.
We met some great members (and children) throughout the weekend, too many to name!
It rained some more
We toured a number of camper vans and got some great ideas.
It rained even more.
We didn't get a chance to BBQ as it kept raining.
Kids had fun paddling and having a go at windsurfing.
Managed to score an hour's worth of great sailing on Sunday with John, Juan and others.
We shredded a tyre on M4 on our way back and car ended up on a towing truck.
Sun came out.

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