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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


fuerteventura on 31/07/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:85 litres

Sotavento day 7: Back on the JP Freewave/Ride 85 today to battle chop and gusts that returned with a vengeance. At least the sun was out. Sadly, it was the last day today. Next sail on Hayling!

fuerteventura on 30/07/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:116 litres

Sotavento day 6: On a JP All-Ride 116 today. Finally the chop dropped and the kit fit the conditions. Spent a few hours in the water riding the gentle swell, whizzing past lots of fools still on 4.5m and trying to ignore the excruciating pain coming from under the gloves. A bit overcast as well. Sunshine would make it an excellent day.

fuerteventura on 28/07/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:85 litres

Sotavento day 5: On a JP Freewave/Style 85Lt. today. Haven't been on a sub-90 Lt. board for 10 years, and on a sub-4m sail for exactly 30 years! So it all happened today. Started on a 4m but downsized to 3.7m. Wind was so erratic that neither were perfect. Wind was off-cross-shore so despite its strength the sea was a vast chop-fest with proper waves forming quite far out when the turquoise water turned into dark blue. Once more any attempt to fancy stuff failed due to either being overpowered, under-powered or over-chopped. I think that the only people who enjoyed the day were a bunch of free-wavers 1/3 my age. To top it all, I hurt my knee when I misjudged how deep the water was when I came off the board as I tried to come in. On pain killers now and taking the day off tomorrow to hit the local zoo. Back on Saturday.

fuerteventura on 27/07/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:93 litres

Sotavento day 4: Back on the JP Freestyle/Wave 93 for some proper bashing. Started on a 4.7m, down to a 4.5m and eventually down to a 4m, but even that was too much. The chop started to turn into proper waves but I was so overpowered I didn't try anything fancy. The slalom competition had taken over the usual sailing area and had pushed the riff-raff down the beach, so changing down to a smaller board and sail, required a long walk against the wind and the blasting sand could shred my flesh down to the bone. so I stuck to my last kit combo until my blistery hands gave up.

fuerteventura on 26/07/16

Rating:2 star rating
Board:161 litres

Sotavento day 3: On a Starboard Carve 161 this afternoon practising tacks. Apparently some African wind clashed with the island wind and the African wind kicked the island wind's ass, so basically there was no wind! Went out on a JP Magic Ride and a 7.5m in the morning but no magic and certainly no riding. So I decided to hop on a beginner's board and do some almost-no-wind practice. At the Freestyle competition area they were banging some drums for a while singing for the wind to come, but in vain. Maybe tomorrow.

fuerteventura on 25/07/16

Rating:2 star rating
Board:112 litres

Sotavento day 2: Crap! Wind came and went every 60 seconds; add a mild ocean swell to the mix and hanging on to the boom every time the wind dropped (to zero) became a real nightmare. To add insult to injury, i had to be ferried back by a jet-ski when the current pushed me (while under-powered of course!) to the freestyle training area. The only people who enjoyed the day were the pro slalom team, training on 8m and the pro freestylers who somehow manage to plane on napkin-sized sails. And by the end, the blisters burst so I had to buy gloves. Gets 'Average' only for the sand/sun/heat combo.

Hope for better tomorrow!

fuerteventura on 24/07/16

Rating:4 star rating
Board:93 litres

First time on Sotavento beach for 13 years and nothing has changed! Sandy beach, scorching sun, warm sea, blasting wind and all the kit in the world under one tent! On a JP Freestyle/Wave 93 today. If I knew what I was doing I could probably give you a proper review, alas I didn't! The sea had more chop than all Karate Kid movies combined but who cares, I was sailing without a wetsuit on! Managed to pull a few gybes, but hope for more and better tomorrow. Started on a 5.8, but soon the wind picked up and downsized to a 5.3. Wind picked up again, but by then the skin on the palms of my hands started to separate and I need them in good shape for tomorrow's session so I packed up and went to watch some women's freestyle competition further down the beach.

Added by johng on 25/07/16

Sotavento! Didn't get that far on last week's trip- are you staying nearby?

Added by Yannis on 25/07/16

Melia Gorriones! If you are driving come to Rene Egli! will be here until Monday. I don't carry the mobile with me, but will be at the club almost every morning and afternoon. Might take a day or two off to look around the island, but not until end of the week.

Added by johng on 26/07/16

Ah, no, sadly we were there 16-23 July, probably leaving as you left. We were staying in Corralejo in Bill's excellent apartment, close to town, and basically explored beaches on the North coast. Some great spots there, but obviously not as madly windy as Sotavento.

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