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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

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nasty accident / insurance

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As my diary entry notes, there was a nasty accident at Hayling yesterday which involved 2 windsurfers colliding. Both taken to hospital, one by air ambulance. Injuries include broken ribs, broken collar bone and head injury still being investigated (the last I heard). Hopefully both will be ok but I am now feeling somewhat guilty about letting my insurance lapse - maybe we should all learn from that..

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Thorpe Bay?

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Sailed there once 7 years ago (OMG!) and now thinking of adding it to my very short list of local venues.

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Borth speedsailing

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Video link has now been added to my diary

The new event schedule - any requests??

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Your event sec is busy running a complete weather and tidal simulation for all the usual haunts for 2018, in order to generate an optimal event schedule - as if! Here are a couple of points I'd like some feedback on, otherwise I'll just make it up as usual, and people can direct their comments to /dev/null:

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Robbie on tv

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Not sure if this is available on catch up tv but worth a look if possible, half hour programme on Robbie Naish history of windsurfing & its furture in foils, today at 10.30 am virgin channel 607ccn programme mainsail

Biggest save in history... Thanks Andrew!

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For those who haven?t been able to add their diary entries, add or look up events, or just tell us about something in the windsurfing universe, the website is now running again! Gigantic thanks to Andrew and the cast of, well, quite a few who recovered it from a failed upgrade by the hosting company.

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New windsurf mag

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Did you know there is a 'new' windsurf mag

FAST - Let's Help to Give Dave White the Best Christmas Present Ever!

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FAST is definitely the word that defines Dave White, The Mighty Whitey.
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