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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Setting up at Wanda beach, Sydney

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Poole     11
Hayling Island    1 1
Sydney, Australia3219  15

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Sydney, Australia on 24/03/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:76 litres

Fun, fun, fun in the sun. A cold westerly started blowing at 9:30 and some long period southerly waves appeared. Only 2 with the odd 3' waves and the wind more cross-off and gusty made it a little challenging. However, the waves were peeling nicely with the odd lip to attempt an aerial off. All this within walking distance from my place and best mates in the water made it just better. I moved from the beachbreak to try to pick up some of the bigger swells on the outer Bombora but only picked up two nice ones before the wind died. A very good day and will load up a few pics in couple of days.

Sydney, Australia on 18/03/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:76 litres

Groundhog day. Same location, same time but more wind and nice peaky little 2' waves coming through out on Longreef point. Another hike down the headland and tricky launch in dead off shore winds from the rocks but pretty much planning straight away. The rock platform alongside the break makes for supersmooth water on the inside. There is a nice 100m runup to hhe waves so you can hit them at full speed. I was totally powered on my 5.2 and it did not matter that the waves were small as they held up a long time offering a nice ramp for getting height. I practiced waterstarting offer each backloop attemp - nearly landed one. By 2:00pm there were about 10 sailors on the water - busy for sydney Wavesailing. Finished the day totally shagged (I'm not quite sure if this is the right English slang) staring into a coffee and trying to download the days pictures. I will try and upload a few in the next few days.

Sydney, Australia on 17/03/12

Rating:2 star rating
Board:76 litres

There was the promise of a huge southerly Saturday, so I met the lads at our local windsurf shop, WindSurfnSnow around 10:00. Waited, waited, played on the SUPing rowing machine and waited some more. Even though the waves failed to appear the wind looked to be building. Unfortunately I was chronically underpowered on just a 5.0. Others got going with 5.7 and big waveboards. Few little ramps appeared and some small waves on the superlow tide. A couple of dolphins were spotted which is a good thing as they chase the sharks away. Makaha off Longreef point is a little spooky. Anyway we lasted about 2 hours in total. Packed up the gear and trudged back up the headland in the mud and rain. Finished the day back in Manly over coffee and pear and apple bread. Needless to say when you get 3 lads together there tends to be a bit of banter which makes the day that much better. Hopefully tomorrow....

Sydney, Australia on 15/03/12

Rating:2 star rating
Board:76 litres

Headed down to southern Sydney to get a wave at Wanda. Arrived just as the wind jumped up to 20kts but there was only a small windswell happening. Cracked a nice tabletop to warmup for some backloop attempts - which is easy when the water is warm and the sun is out. Alas the incoming tide swallowed up the small peaks coming in from the nth east. The wind swung a little to north and gusty so instead of being slightly over powered on the 5.2 staying planning in the holes required more work. Decided to work on technique and so practiced tacking the little 76ltr JP twinzer. A lot more practice will be needed! Weekend is looking good with 2 days southerly winds forecast. A couple of reef breaks might start working as 2-3 mtr swells are predicted - 4-6 ft faces in nonmetric. Cheers

Added by Genevieve on 16/03/12

Keep up the tacking - Jem Hall would advise trying it again on the other direction, rather than your favoured side...Nice sounding swell. We are not jealous at all.

Sydney, Australia on 09/03/12

Rating:2 star rating
Board:76 litres

A late southery of about 14-17knots was predicted for around 3pm. True the forecast it came so I ventured 20mins north of my place to a reef break at Newport beach. A huge 5-6' swell had come out of nowhere on Thursday and a few remnants were hanging around. All the ingredients were there but not quite. Got a few down the line head high waves but the wind was slightly onshore meaning you really had to swing your hips and open up the clew in the top turn. I did not. After 45 mins or so the wind really backed off to subplanning, the Kiters were dropping out of the sky and it was time to chat with the oldboys who had arrived a but late. A quick one, pretty fun and a good supplement to a couple of hours stand-up paddling earlier in the day.

Added by Genevieve on 12/03/12

sounds like swinging the hips on the dancefloor can be a good warm up, and Imight have to keep that in mind, if ever I should chance upon some head high waves ever again...Come on Gwythian...you can do it!

Sydney, Australia on 06/03/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:76 litres

Back to my local beach, Longreef for a cross- onshore southerly. Hit the water at 5pm after work and was mostly fully powered up in 15-18 knots. Tried some backloops off the 2' waves but only genuinely came close once. Lots of Kiters zipping about any direction they please which was a little frustrating. Wind turned dead onshore and started to drop a fraction at 6:30pm. Came in for a chat with the boys and make predictions about big Thursday coming up. 5 min drive home, pizza and the cricket on the box. Maybe this why Aussie windsurfers are a little soft.

Added by johng on 08/03/12

Jeez, Tim, you're going to have to stop bigging this all up so much, or we'll have to come down there and show you how to do it! 45m swims, random kiters... Sounds like Poole Harbour!

Added by Tim on 08/03/12

On reflection, a little silly to attempt such an offshore break in cross-off winds. On the plus side the water is warm and the local wildlife is well fed and unlikely to take a bite out of you. Kiters in the surf has really taken off here in the last 18mths - 2 years. There ability to get so close to wind, turn on a dime and propensity to change direction with no warning has created a little conflict of late.

Added by Genevieve on 10/03/12

Those kiters! but one of them, a californian, was nice enough to tow me in at fisherman's when my boom broke, which makes up for the umpteen dozen I have dragged in all trussed up with the lines wrapped around their ankles. We are all sharing

Sydney, Australia on 04/03/12

Rating:2 star rating
Board:76 litres

Finally a sunny day in Sydney after the worst week of rain and even flood evacuations in western Sydney. Went to my local beach, Longreef which is 5 mins drive away and managed an hours Wavesailing. Light wind, a nasty shorebreak that claimed one mast but some punchy chest high waves. Lots of surfers learning in the water, families and sun worshipers. Later in the day tried a seldom sailed reef break off the point at Longreef called Butterbox. 20 mins.to walk there, launch by jumping off the rocks, 3 nice waves before the wind died and then a 45 min swim back. I think this is called 'paying your dues'. Later in the week looks promising for a southerly. Cheers from down under.

Added by Genevieve on 04/03/12

Sounds good, except for the payback...! :) Hayling might have trumped this one.

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